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ump Starter – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Sometimes it is necessary to boost the life of the car battery and give it a little extra power so that it can work efficiently. This is when it becomes necessary to have a jump starter. These devices are part of the tools for the car that every driver should have. If you are interested in purchasing a product with adequate performance, then you should consider the Maxtools JS500 , a small but powerful device, for semi-professional use, with a capacity of 2,200 A. If you prefer something simpler, the Buddygo CT003 model generates a starting tip of 100 amps, ideal for starting and maintaining motorcycle and light passenger car batteries.

Shopping guide


Car batteries are the central pieces for the vehicle’s electrical power, but sometimes they fail in the middle of the road, so it is necessary to recharge them to reach the destination. By using portable starters it is possible to complete the charge. These teams are multifunctional and practical for various situations, so if you want to make a proper purchase, you cannot stop reading the following guide to buy the best jump starter.


Type and capacity 

There are different types of car starters on the market. On the one hand there are those of the professional or semi-professional type, which have a high capacity or power, suitable for different car models and are capable of starting a vehicle immediately. These are usually large and heavy, so that the vast majority have wheels and handles that facilitate their transport. 

On the other hand, there are the simple models for personal use. Their sizes are compact, their light weight and they have a maximum current of 1,500 amps, with capacity for 20,000 milliamps. These are capable of starting both gasoline and diesel engines, on a full charge.



When making a comparison of battery starters, it is important to consider the design of the model, since its portability will depend on this. These equipments have been created to solve the life of the user, so that they do not have to use the battery of another car to start the vehicle, but, only by adapting the device with the clamps or the battery terminals, can provide the energy it requires. 

For this reason, it is important that the designs are portable and practical, with low weight, as this will allow adequate handling during the process. In addition, a property in the design that should not be overlooked is size, because if the starters are compact, they can be carried without taking up much space in the trunk of the vehicle or in the glove compartment, to be used when required. 



An inexpensive jump starter is generally a simple piece of equipment that only does the basic job. However, in the market you can find some proposals that have been equipped with multifunction, which are slightly higher cost, but with benefits that enhance their use. In this sense, some models are equipped with a screen showing the operating capacity or mode.

In the same way, there are some alternatives that have within their functions the option of a flashlight with LED light, with various lighting modes for different situations, one of which is the SOS mode. The incorporation of the flashlight allows a better luminosity for work at night and is useful for those who use the device on field trips. 

In addition, some equipment has a USB-C input and through these ports it is possible to connect electronic equipment such as mobile phones and tablets, using the starter as a power bank. Similarly, depending on the make and model, these starters can include all cables, including power cables, as well as a cigarette lighter adapter for the car, which are a suitable option because it will be a single investment. 


Impermeability and resistance

The construction of the jump starters is usually made of solid and resistant materials that give a longer useful life to the product. In fact, a general recommendation is that they be made of strong materials that will withstand constant and regular use. 

The vast majority of these teams meet these standards. However, there are some models that go one step further, by making the structure of the equipment waterproof through IP68 waterproofing. In this way, they are suitable to be used in the rain and able to tolerate inclement weather without affecting their performance. 



Knowing how much a jump starter costs is possible if the protection system incorporated in the equipment is analyzed, as well as the type of clamps and cables it includes. The higher-cost models are equipped with robust clamps with technological properties, which allow the battery poles to be adjusted efficiently. 

Additionally, options with long cables tend to be more practical for user safety and equipment use. The higher cost models are equipped with safety systems that prevent overloads and short circuits and even protect the equipment from reversed polarity.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a jump starter?

Using a jump starter will depend on the brand and model, since each one has its own operating system. Therefore, it is convenient, before making the first use, is to read the manufacturer’s instructions, where there are the basic considerations that will help the equipment perform better.

Now, in most cases it is necessary to connect the cables according to the polarity of the battery and then turn on the device and start the car so that it starts. It is important that voltages are considered and equipment with less capacity than that required by the battery is not used, as this can damage both the starter and the battery.


Q2: How to charge a jump starter?

The process of charging these devices will depend on the model and brand, so it is prudent to read the manufacturer’s instructions on their use. This will ensure that the device is charging properly. However, the majority of starters that require charging are those that incorporate a battery with autonomy and incorporate a power cable. One end of the cable must go towards the device, while the other end must go towards the electrical outlet for the charging process to begin. According to the model, this should take between 4 and 12 hours. Some models incorporate a light warning of the charge status. 


Q3: How to check a jump starter?

The best way to check the operation of a jump starter is to test it on a battery. Preferably, it should be done on a small piece of motorcycle, to verify if it complies with the process of charging this battery or starting the vehicle. In the event that more specialized equipment is available, then a voltage test can be used that will indicate if it works. If it is new, in case of problems with the equipment, it is necessary to make use of the guarantee and contact the seller.


Q4: How to repair a jump start charger?

The vast majority of charging cables are usually delicate and easily damaged, if basic care is not taken. The way to repair them is to check the operation and check the contact of the parts. However, this should be done by a technician in the area, with specialized equipment for this purpose. If no repair is found, it is necessary to replace the charger with a new one compatible with the starter model. 


Q5: How to make a car jump starter?

Making a jump starter is a complex project because it requires a high amount of amperage and knowledge about current, plus there are some variants that depend on the type of car you want to start. For this reason, it is not advisable to do so, as it can cause breakdowns in the car’s electrical circuits. 

However, a charger could be made using auxiliary battery cables connected in parallel (one with the negative polarity and one with the positive polarity). On the one hand, these cables must be linked to the battery of the damaged car, while on the other they must be connected to a replacement battery and in good condition. However, the easiest thing to do is to buy a new model, as its operation is assured and there are a wide variety of options available in relation to functions and price.


Q6: How do you connect a jump starter?

This is a straightforward process, especially for a smart clamp jump starter. The first thing is to open the hood of the car, locate the battery and, according to the polarity, connect the red and black cables. The red clamp should go to the positive terminal, while the black clamp to the negative terminal of the car battery.


Q7: How long does a jump starter take?

This will depend on the model, capacity and use of the starter. For example, there are some manufacturers who claim that their devices have a charge for more than 30 starts. On the other hand, some alternatives are designed to hold your charge for months. Other multifunctional options reduce your load as these functions are used.

Such is the case with flashlights, since when this LED light is turned on, the charging time is considerably reduced and the same applies when it is used as a power bank. However, the specification for how long a jump starter lasts is usually in the manufacturer’s manual.


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