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Guide to buying car sunshades


If you liked any of these parasols that we analyzed, you should know that these accessories are ideal to prevent the sun from entering directly through the car window and can protect us from ultraviolet rays, as well as reduce the heat inside the vehicle. So to acquire a sun visor, it is important that you know certain details that you should review, so we have made this guide to buy the best car sun visor.


Shopping guide



The manufacturing materials of any product are an important element that we must review, because the durability and resistance of the object depends on it, as well as its cost in the market. When we make a comparison of car sunshades, we see that the material with which they are made makes a difference, since their main function is to prevent the sun’s rays from passing to the vehicle through the glass of the windows or windshield, or to minimize the intensity of heat that accumulates inside the car when we leave it exposed to sunlight.

In this context, we highlight that conventional parasols are made with elements such as cardboard, vinyl, or with reflective fabrics and aluminized effects, others can be made of plastic or polyester. Parasols made of cardboard are usually cheaper and easy to use.

While those made with reflective materials are of a higher quality, because they can better reflect light and serve to protect the vehicle against ultraviolet rays and their effects . Although the difference in how much the parasol made from this material costs is significant, we consider that your investment is worth it, due to its effective protective function.


Types of parasols

It is important that you know that in the market there is a variety of models of sun visors with different characteristics, among which we can find personalized sun visors, which have been made to measure the type of car you own, you can choose the design that will be stamped and easily stored by folding all its structure.

There are also the accordion type sunshades, which are the most common, they are comfortable to use because they fold like the accordion and are placed on the windshield while staying static in place. Other models are rollable, do not take up much space and are conveniently stored. But the sunshades type blinds have greater advantages, because they are made of a mesh fabric and for their installation they need clips, protection rubbers or they have a magnetic edge to hold them. They are ideal for the rear windows and side windows of the car, and we can combine them with a conventional windshield sunshade.

Sunshade size and mounting

When choosing any sun visor for your car, you should consider that the dimensions coincide with the windows or windshield of your vehicle, since it is likely that the measurements are not the same. With a small car there are no major problems, since most models of sun visors have standardized measurements that will fit it. But if your car is large, you need to check the size of the sun visor to avoid inconveniences and find one that completely covers the glass.

Also the assembly of this accessory is an aspect that should be reviewed. There are some models that require the deployment of the vehicle’s sun visors to support themselves, or the strips are hooked to the mirrors, complicating assembly. Other models use suction cups that adhere to the glass, or have a magnetized fastening system, which are easier to use, although you must make sure that they can support the weight of the parasol to prevent them from loosening during use. On the other hand, some models have a self-supporting design that can be fitted onto the window glass.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: Is a rear window car sunshade legal?

It is not expressly prohibited by any legal regulations, but if they take away the driver’s visibility, obviously you cannot place it. Also, if your car has both left and right exterior mirrors, you shouldn’t have any problems if you mount them.


Q2: Would a vinyl car sunshade pass the ITV?

If you have it on the front windshield, you would probably not pass the ITV test, because anything that is put on the driver’s glass is illegal, except for the ITV sticker, if you have tinted the windshield they will have you remove the sheet in the inspection, and the Civil Guard can fine you for that accessory.


Q3: How does a static car sunshade work?

There are models of this type of sunshade that adhere by means of static electricity and it is not adhesive or leaves residues on the glass, you can lower the windows without the risk of detachment and it works in most vehicles. Other models of parasols with static adherence include suction cups to give more firmness to the adhesion and not leave traces on the car, but in both cases you have to clean the window before using the sun visor and if you spray with water it is more stable to fix the sun visor. .


Q4: How do you attach a car sunshade without suction cup?

There are car sun shades that have an adhesive film that easily adheres to the glass. Other models have a static fixation and they are fixed to the side window of the car and in the case of accordion-type sunshades, they are fastened with the sun visors to fix it to the windshield.


Q5: Is a custom-made car sunshade worth it?

It is not so important if the sunshade is tailored to your vehicle, because thanks to its function it is enough that it has a suitable and large surface to prevent the sun’s rays from entering the interior of the car , being totally valid to reduce heat temperature. But if it is the same size as the windows or the windshield, of course the protection will be more effective.


Q6: How to fold a car sunshade?

It is very easy to fold the car sunshade, you just have to hold the ends on both sides, bend one of them in a 180º turn to form the round ones, then put both ends together, adjust and store. Some models include a strap that supports the circle that is formed and others have a carrying bag to store the parasol.


Q7: How to upholster car sun visors?

If you dare to make your own car sunshade, you will see that it is easier than you think. Such is the case of the folding sunshade that is placed on the windshield glass and you do not need many materials. The first thing you should do is a template of the windshield, for which you can glue several pieces of newspaper on top of the windshield and fix the cardboard, then you must cut the template with the same dimensions and shape of the glass.

On your work surface, place the piece of cardboard and the windshield template to the left side, then trace said template on the cardboard and move it about 15 cm to the right, keeping the figure in a horizontal line to make the strokes. With the added gaps you get coverage for the windshield and you can make the creases for the accordion fold. You can also make a parasol with aluminized fabric and aluminum rings.


Q8: Is it possible to find a custom car sunshade with photo?

If possible. There are different manufacturers of parasols on the market that personalize the product with photos, messages, beautiful designs, they can even make a collage of different images. They have good print quality and the images are long-lasting and in vivid colors.




How to use a car sunshade


inherit;”>Car sun visors are accessories designed to be installed inside the vehicle, either on the driver’s windshield or on the side windows of the car. It is a great help to protect the vehicle from heat and sunlight, as well as ourselves. Next, we are going to give you some interesting tips on how you should use a car sunshade to protect your car from the sun and heat.




To park the car on the street

If you have to park your car on the street and leave it exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, it is recommended that you place a sun visor on the front window of the vehicle, to try that the temperature of the car dashboard does not rise too high, preventing the sunlight enters directly into the car. Remember that the car works like a vaporizer and high temperatures can cause a fire. Similarly, exposure to excessive temperatures accelerates the aging process of leather and plastic parts of the car. You should also try to laminate the rear windows of the car so that the protection is more effective.

Finally, we recommend that before starting the car, after having exposed it for a long time to the sun, wait for the vehicle to cool down, open the doors and windows to cool it down. This action is preferable to turning on the air conditioning.


Attach your folding parasol

To install a sunshade inside the car, just open the sunshade and extend the edges closest to the windshield, press all the edges of the sunshade to adjust it. Next, open the sun visors to secure the sun visor.




Fold and store your parasol

After you remove the sunshade from the windshield it is important to fold it properly to preserve its properties and to last a long time, but this action could be complicated at first, although with some practice you will be able to fold it very quickly.

To start, you have to raise the sun visors of the car to their place on the roof, pull the sun visor towards you, hold the lower left corner and the right corner, with each hand you must bring the sun visor towards the center and fold in half, then rotate both hands in opposite directions from each other. The sunshade should turn into a circle, take the rounded sunshade firmly and put the elastic retainer to keep it closed. Store the sunshade in your storage bag, or in the glove compartment of your car.



Car sunshades, your great ally for comfortable and safe driving



If you do not want to suffer extreme heat due to the high temperatures inside your car, the best option to deal with summer days is to get a sunshade. Thanks to its structure and materials, this accessory is able to cope with the sun’s radiation and take care not only of your car, but also of your health.


The big problem when you leave your vehicle parked under the sun’s rays is that in a matter of minutes a great excess of heat can be concentrated inside it, so entering it could literally be hell. This happens because the sun’s rays pass through the windshield and window glass, causing a greenhouse effect; In other words, the radiations that enter the car are absorbed by the internal components (upholstery, steering wheel, dashboard, etc.), which transform them into heat and, since they cannot go outside, generate an internal increase in temperature.

This increase in temperature not only produces a feeling of discomfort and fatigue, but is also directly related to the deterioration of certain parts made of plastic, which are not able to resist excess heat; even the sun’s rays can also cause damage to body paint, as well as various sensitive electronic parts.

Faced with the excess heat that accumulates in the interior of cars, many drivers choose to tint the windows and rear windows, in order to mitigate a little the action of the sun in the internal compartment. However, the front crescent or windshield cannot be tinted, so to cope with the summer you need a car sunshade .




What a sun visor can do for you and your vehicle

During the summer it is usual to want to make a getaway to the beach or the swimming pool, places that are especially characterized by being outdoors and without the possibility of shade, so parking the vehicle in the sun is the only alternative; The same happens in shopping centers, where there is very little space to park. If you have a sunshade capable of offering optimal performance when it comes to repelling the sun’s rays, when you want to get into your car you will find it less hot and thus you can drive with greater peace of mind and reduce the feeling of fatigue.

These useful accessories are designed and manufactured with the aim of reducing thermal sensation and efficiently combating UVA rays. For this reason, even if your car is still hot inside, the temperature will never be the same if you compare it with another that has been exposed to the sun without any protection.

In this sense, various studies have revealed that a vehicle under the sun can register temperatures of 20 ° C above the external temperature. Therefore, if the environment indicates 35 degrees, a temperature of 55 degrees can easily be found inside the car, which is detrimental to health and also to the useful life of the vehicle.

On the other hand, it has been determined that as a result of the excessive heat registered inside a car, many people can suffer burns from contact with the internal surfaces. As well as, being victims of heat stroke and seeing your health affected by inhaling benzene, a chemical that comes from the plastic and polyurethane present in the dashboard and upholstery, when they are under the sun’s rays.

A parasol can reduce not only the thermal sensation, but also the inhalation of benzene by 50%; additionally, this accessory could delay the deterioration of the upholstery on the seats and prevent damage to circuits or electronic systems of the car.


Know the available parasols

At first glance, this accessory may seem like a simple object that you only put on the inside of the windshield. But the truth is that thanks to its reflective surface that allows the sun’s radiation to bounce back and its ability to dissipate heat in an optimal way, this is a key product that can make a difference on a summer day. You can always find the best car sunshade , you just have to take a look at the available models and choose the one that best suits you.

In this sense, we have the roller models that are those that can be easily rolled once they are no longer used, they take up little space and are easy to use. There are also the curtain type sunshades, used more frequently at the rear of the vehicle and on the side windows, they are made of fabric with a mesh and for their installation it is necessary to mount clips and protection rubbers. You can choose a model that matches the main sunshade on the front crescent.

Likewise, we have custom parasols made to measure, according to the dimensions of the windshield of your vehicle and its structure allows you to fold it easily for storage. Finally, there are the accordion-type models, which offer a comfortable use that allows it to remain static on the windshield, as it folds and unfolds like an accordion.




The materials you can find for a parasol

As important as its functionality and easy handling is, so is the quality of the materials, since beyond the design it can offer, optimal performance when refreshing the vehicle must be one of its main qualities. The idea is that the sun visor has the ability to repel the sun’s rays efficiently and prevent the radiation from overheating the interior of the car.

There are vinyl and cardboard sun shades, or a mix of both. Likewise, they are also made of fine aluminum and as for the format, some offer a rectangular appearance and others circular. The essential thing is that it is thick, firm, manageable and provides a reflective face, that stands up to the sunlight and that radiation bounces off its surface.



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