Best Car Subwoofers Review 2021

Car Subwoofer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


To give a special touch to the audio of your vehicle, with an extra power in the bass, a good car subwoofer is just the solution you need. A product that, if it has the right quality, allows you to enhance your system, improving reception and the feeling of surround sound typical of these devices, so that you can enjoy a different sound experience. Something you can get with models like the Kenwood KFC-W112S subwoofer . This model has a great power, which reaches 800 watts and has a diameter of 12 inches, also offering an impedance of 4 ohms. Simpler is the Auna W1-10SUB-AC subwoofer, with a power of 250 watts and incorporating an active system that not only reproduces, but also optimizes the audio to obtain the best results.


How to use a car subwoofer


Bringing an impressive bass effect to your vehicle’s audio is made possible by installing and using a subwoofer. And since you don’t want to be left behind, you have decided to buy this product so that the sound of your vehicle is more powerful. That is why in this article we will show you how to use a subwoofer, so that you have a unique sound experience.




Review the user instructions for your product

It is very important to review the user manual of your product, so that you know a little more about the characteristics and specifications of power, voltage, type of installation required, if your equipment needs an amplifier, among others.


Gather the necessary tools for the installation of your product

To install the subwoofer in your car, you will need at least one wiring for the power supply, another for the amplifier, the player. Make sure you have these accessories before proceeding with the installation. In case your subwoofer needs an amplifier, you should use one.

To do this, place it in the right place inside the car; This is usually in the trunk or on the floor. Next, locate the wiring that runs from the amp to your car’s battery, so it can be powered.

You may need to make holes with a drill to hide the cable under the trunk or inside the car doors, so it is recommended that this type of work be carried out by a specialized workshop. Don’t forget to connect a ground wire from your amplifier.




Connect the auxiliary cables to your car player

Here you will need another installation of a cable that runs the surface of the car, but you must make sure that the auxiliary cable that goes from the amplifier to the player is away from the power cable, so as not to cause interference.

Depending on the model of your product, you will need to locate the subwoofer somewhere in your car. Those that are extra-flat, with a metal drawer, can be placed under the seat or in the trunk near the amplifier. Then, connect the subwoofer to the amplifier via an auxiliary connection, depending on whether your product model is one or two channel.

Other subwoofer models will require the placement and installation of a box, this type of work must be carried out by a workshop specialized in vehicle sound. You may find it necessary to use a capacitor to prevent voltage fluctuations from occurring while using the subwoofer, for example when you turn on the lights and use the subwoofer at the same time.


Turn on your player and enjoy your new sound

With the subwoofer installed, along with the amplifier, you can now enjoy surround sound quality with quality bass from your car sound player. Some models of this type of product have a remote control, which you can connect to the subwoofer by means of a 3.5 mm Jack cable. You can use a cable extender to keep this knob close at hand and make subwoofer control easier.




The most popular brands


Having a good sound for our vehicle is essential, since we will always be interested in harmonizing our spaces and for this, car subwoofers are the ideal In such a sense that sound, amplitude and power are aspects that we take care of the selected product and model, but it is also worth emphasizing the JBL, Auna and Pioneer brands.




It is an electronics and audio company that was born in the United States in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing, from its name the initials of this brand arise. This company was founded a year after JBL resigned from his job. He has a dramatic record as he committed suicide three years later and the company was left in the hands of Vice President Bill Thomas at the time.

After that, the company catapulted itself globally over the next two decades, where it gained prestige and reputation. In 1969 it was decided to sell the company to Jervis Corporation, today known as Harman International. This company originally designed products for the home, but years later it decided to expand the sale of its products at a professional level, for companies or sound professionals.

It is a company that manufactures studio products, as well as portable equipment, travel sound, and some cinematography products. One of the main components was a 15-inch coil that is still in production 55 years later. Vehicle companies rely on their sound system and incorporate it into their manufacture.

Car subwoofers are some of those sound systems that JBL is responsible for making. It has ideal and clean finishes, to locate this product in any space of the vehicle. In addition, the power it presents is satisfactory and responds to particular needs.




Ten years ago, some young entrepreneurs sought to democratize the world of sound and that’s where Auna’s story was born. Focused on sound design to meet the demands of individuals, this brand takes care of bass and bass, as well as musical nuances. Coupled with technological advances, this decade-old company also seeks to present an unbeatable price.

One of the philosophies of Auna is the fact of incorporating current trends, with technical advances, as well as a feedback of ideas supplied by users to consolidate products that have a modern sound. It is a company present in more than 15 countries with high quality sound developed by qualified technical personnel.

Auna includes a wide range of products that are in constant dynamic and rapid growth, summarized in five main categories. Thus, there is a variety of equipment that offers high fidelity sound, with speakers and microphones with a remarkable range, and some models of headphones to adapt to the specific need of each user.

Car subwoofers are one of the products that is included in one of those ranges. They are designed to provide a satisfactory experience in our vehicle that can accompany us on long walks. It is a product that is of quality and that guarantees an appropriate duration, due to the composition of its materials. All this added to the fact that they have prices designed for the use of various audiences.




The history of Pioneer Electronics is well known and that its foundation was promoted by Nozomu Matsumoto in 1938. This individual had the qualities and attitude of any entrepreneur who manages to make his business emerge. His passion for the work he did and especially for music motivated him in a substantial way that he decided to create the technology that he expected to hear and with unsurpassed sound quality.

Pioneer has gained ground worldwide and is known as one of the world’s largest audio and video manufacturers. But it is not only about audio or electronic products, but about musical instruments that offer high sound quality and a range of musical colors that harmonize with our ears.

This is how sound products such as subwoofers, pocket sound devices, as well as a variety of sound and video equipment were created. Inspired by a premise, Pioneer has already realized its initial goal of sharing true sound quality in audio devices, equipment and other products with the world.

The car subwoofer is another of the functional products that this company offers to the public that can be completely trusted. Despite having high competition in the market, many individuals trust the brand for its global significance and quality that goes beyond words.


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