Best Car Seat Covers Review 2021

Car Seat Cover – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


With frequent use, car seats wear out and deteriorate, impairing the interior appearance of the vehicle. As an effective solution, you can buy seat covers, which are also convenient to protect them, if the car is new. In this sense, we recommend you review the characteristics of the Upgrade4cars B1 , a set of 9 pieces made of high quality polyester and of universal size. For its part, the AmazonBasics SJD634567775 model offers a cover to be placed on the driver’s seat, adaptable also to the other seats, which is made of synthetic leather and is easy to assemble.

Shopping guide


The use of protective covers in your vehicle is a good decision if you want to take care of the original upholstery or hide its deterioration. But, before buying any model, we suggest you review our guide to buying the best car seat cover and you can know the most relevant aspects when making your choice.


Confection and material

The variety of fabrics and materials with which seat protectors can be made is very wide, with models made of fabric being cheaper. But, if elegance is what you are looking for when comparing car seat covers, then you can get some models of synthetic leather that will give a very attractive appearance to the interior of the vehicle.

In any case, the manufacture of the covers must be of good quality, with durable finishes and resistant seams, since the durability of the product will depend on the material and manufacture. It is also important that it has a padded filling that provides comfort during hours of driving.

In this sense, choosing fabric covers is not a bad decision, as there are high-density Oxford models that stand out for their resistance and comfort. Likewise, polyester and nylon are the most used materials if you are looking for a good and inexpensive cover. These fabrics are easily cleaned and resistant to wear and tear. 

Whether made of leather or fabric, the covers must be able to be cleaned without complications, since they will not be exempt from having contact with dirt, liquid spills, among others.



Many users had previously had seat protectors made in upholstery workshops, paying a very high cost. Now, it is possible to buy the ideal cover for car seats online, without having to worry about measurements and size, or excessive prices.

This is because current designs have universal dimensions, that is, they easily adapt to different models and makes of cars. Part of this adaptation is due to its placement system, which we will talk about in the next section.

For now, we remind you that you can always check with the seller the measurements of the cover, if you have doubts as to whether that model will work for your car, since some users have already had the experience of receiving a product that does not fit exactly as they expected. . 


Adjustment and mounting

The fact of buying the covers for the car seat on Amazon or another platform implies that you will assemble them yourself. But, you don’t have to worry, because currently elastic or adjustable strap designs allow quick assembly, without tools or complications.

In the case of rear seat covers, it is important to verify that they allow access to the seat belt for the user in the middle. Some models use side zippers that open and allow you to wear the belt without difficulty. 

Regarding the headrest, most of the universal formats include an adaptation or the cover to cover this area, others are secured directly on the headrest and, when placing it, the cover is well supported. 

Consequently, the protective covers that are currently marketed have a simple and functional assembly system, without affecting how much the product costs, since the user’s comfort is always sought so that they can place these without help. 


Styles and colors

Buying covers for car seats is an opportunity to renew your appearance, giving a highlight to the interior without spending a lot of money. That is why many manufacturers have been interested in proposing attractive designs, distinguishing themselves from the competition.

This is how you can choose the covers from a wide range of colors or, if you prefer to go for the neutral black and gray, you can also choose models that have some more striking colors that contrast with the chosen tones. 

You can also look at different designs, with straight lines or diagonal patterns to increase the attractiveness of the covers and avoid smooth finishes, choose sporty or more classic designs; In short, you can choose them according to your taste and personality. 



Protective covers for car seats should provide comfort as well as safety. For this reason, it is necessary that covers compatible with the side airbags be placed on the front seats so that their functionality is not affected in the event of an accident.

On the other hand, some models of covers have opted to offer greater utility to users, which is why they include lower pockets to store small objects that need to be within reach quickly. Others have been designed for therapeutic purposes, such as wooden beads, to reduce driver fatigue, offering a massaging effect.

These are some of the extra benefits that you can find when buying the covers to protect the car seats.




Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to install a car seat cover?

Each manufacturer must provide specific instructions for installing the seat covers, but the universal format of the most popular ones has made assembly a generic process. In this sense, you can start with the back seat cover, in which it is recommended to stretch the fabric well so that there are no wrinkles.

If you have a hook system, you should secure it on the head restraints or on the seat back, while at the bottom you should adjust the elastics so that the cover does not retract.

For the front seats, we suggest you align the seams of this with the sides of the seat, sliding the cover on the backrest. Some models also cover the headrest, but in others this element must be removed to fit the cover and then fix it in place. So this will depend on the chosen model. 

If doubts persist, you can always look for video tutorials on how to install and in no time you’ll have your seats protected.  


Q2: How to make a car seat cover?

For those with skills and abilities with sewing or the sewing machine, it will not be difficult to create your own car seat covers. And to do so, you can find numerous molds on the Internet with measurements or tutorials on how to make templates, so that the covers have the custom size. 

Regarding the material to use, you can opt for a synthetic fabric such as polyester and nylon. You can also choose PU leather, if you want the cover to look more elegant, and elastic or zippers to fix it on the seat. Now, you must transfer the molds to the chosen fabric, make the cut and proceed to join the parts on the sewing machine. Once you have attached the elastic or zipper, sew the finish seams and the covers are ready to be placed on the seats.


Q3: How to clean a car seat cover?

If the cover does not have general dirt, and you only want to clean a stain, you can use a damp cloth with a mild detergent and rub over the dirt. Afterward, you can use a clean, dry cloth to remove the detergent along with excess moisture. Finally, it is necessary to let the cover dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

Some models support hand washing. If your covers belong to that group, then you should carefully review the manufacturer’s instructions to find out if they should be washed on a gentle cycle, at what temperature, and with what type of detergent. 


Q4: What material is better for a car seat cover?

Currently, there are several recommended materials for seat covers, but one of the most used is high-density Oxford, a synthetic fabric with good resistance and durability against stains, tears and daily use. This material can also be given a waterproof coating that improves its functionality, depending on the manufacturer. 


Q5: Why does the car seat cover move?

It is likely that the cover is not on correctly or that one of the adjustable straps, the lower elastic or the tab that goes between the seat and the backrest has come loose. All of these factors may vary depending on the model. Therefore, you should take a few minutes to snap the cover into place and check that it doesn’t move again.  


Q6: Which car seat cover is best for summer?

You should look for models with a good perspiration. This property is determined by the fabric, so you should look among its specifications that the material is breathable. Another model that has good ventilation is that of wooden beads, since its design allows an exchange of air, avoiding excessive sweating on hot days. 


Q7: What color is cooler for a car seat cover?

Considering the principle that dark tones absorb a greater amount of heat than light colors, because they absorb more light energy, if you want a cool case you can opt for bright colors such as pink or yellow, since they reflect sunlight, absorbing little hot. For its part, the white color is considered the coldest of all, so a cover of this tone will remain fresh, but with the observation that it needs more maintenance, because it is a color that gets dirty easily. 


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