Best Car Refrigerators Review 2021

Car Refrigerator – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Having a refrigerator for your car can be the ideal solution if you plan to take a long trip and want to have your cold drinks, fruits or food within reach at all times. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing one of these practical devices, we recommend taking into account some aspects that will allow you to choose the model that best meets your needs. Among them, the Severin KB 2922 refrigerator stands out , with a cooling and heat preservation function and with a capacity of up to 20 liters. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that has a USB connection to charge your mobile and with a 29-liter capacity, we recommend the Mobicool G30 AC / DC .

Shopping guide 


A cooler is one of the most loved electrical appliances by drivers looking to keep cold drinks within reach during their travels. It is ideal to take to the mountains, the beach and in general anywhere you travel. However, the wide variety of models that the market offers makes your choice a bit more complicated than you think.

That is why we have made the decision to create this practical guide to buying the best car fridge so you can choose the model that best suits your needs.


Type of fridge

In any comparison of car refrigerators, there is one main aspect that you should look at before making a light choice, and that is that distinguishing the type of refrigerator you are looking for is vital for you to acquire a device that is functional for your needs.

The market offers a wide variety of models to choose from, some only cool and some also heat your interior.

For this reason, it is important to know what type of food or drink you are going to take on your trip and if it needs to be kept cold or hot. The best refrigerators perform both functions, so they have a small switch with which you can change from cold to hot quickly. This gives them a great advantage thanks to their versatility.

However, if you are concerned about how much it costs, it is important to know that the more features the device provides, the more expensive it will cost you.



If you are looking for a good and inexpensive car fridge, then it is very important that you look at the power that the device provides, since, the more power it offers, logically it will cost a little more.

In these devices, the power is known as watts and this can vary greatly from one model to another. Therefore, if you are looking for a refrigerator that properly cools the interior and food, it is vital that it has a good power.

As with the heating function, this characteristic will define how hot the inside of the device can get. However, remember that the higher the power, the greater the noise emitted by the motor and the fans, so it is advisable to also take care of this aspect.


Temperature reaching

Another aspect that you should take care of, especially if you are concerned about keeping food in the fridge at a certain temperature is the level of cold or heat that the device manages to generate.

It is common in these devices that the level of cold or heat is determined by the ambient temperature, managing to reduce or raise the internal temperature a few degrees from the external temperature.

This is why most of these devices indicate that they can cool up to 15 degrees below room temperature. This means that if the street is 29 degrees, the interior may be 14 degrees. On the other hand, if the instruction manual states that the refrigerator raises the temperature up to 5 degrees, it means that the 29 degrees of the environment are added the 5 of the interior, resulting in 34 degrees.



Although it is one of the aspects that goes unnoticed the most when making a decision about which is the best refrigerator, very few users really pay attention to it. However, they are far from believing that it is a useless factor to look at, since the design is directly linked to the size and weight of the refrigerator, as well as to the ergonomics and ease of use that the device offers.

First of all, it is important to ensure that the refrigerator can fit perfectly in your vehicle without any problem, but that it also has the possibility of entering the amount of food and drinks you want. There are even models that include a separating grid with which you can better organize the inside of the fridge.

In addition, we recommend that you check if the appliance incorporates a handle system that makes it easier to load it, as well as wheels that provide the possibility of moving the refrigerator comfortably when it is heavily loaded and thus avoid having to lift it.



Finally, another of the technical characteristics that distinguish one car fridge from another is its storage capacity. The alternatives range from compact models with storage of up to 6 liters to gimmicky and spacious refrigerators that can fit up to 30 liters. So, depending on the amount of food and drinks you want to take on your trip, choosing a model with enough content space is key.




Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use a car fridge?

To use a car fridge, what you must do is buy a model that has a cable with a 12V connection that can be connected to the cigarette lighter socket. Activate the hot or cold function, depending on whether your model allows it, and start to insert the food and beverages that you want to keep at a certain temperature.

Remember to keep the refrigerator connected throughout the trip so that the interior remains at the same temperature.


Q2: How to install a fridge in the car?

To install a car cooler, just follow a few steps, starting with placing it in a stable place, either on a seat or in the trunk, so that it is completely firm.

In addition, depending on the location of the cigarette lighter socket and the length of the refrigerator cable, you will have to locate it in one place or another. 

Remove the cigarette lighter from the cigarette lighter socket and proceed to connect the corresponding cable to the 12V power supply. Remember to keep the lid tightly closed at all times to avoid cold escapes and so your food can be preserved for longer.


Q3: How to make a car fridge?

To make a refrigerator for your car at home, what you should do is get lightweight plywood for the walls or insulating board. Between them you should place ground cork, sawdust or pulverized asbestos.

Set up a bottom tray that sits on top of a piece of corrugated cardboard. Make a side storage where you can put ice, so that the empty space receives that cold and humidity. The idea is that the water that is melting from the ice is stored and emitted cold to keep the temperature of the food compartment low. 


Q4: How to connect a car fridge at home?

There are a few models of portable and car refrigerators that have two different types of connections, one to connect directly to the 12 V car outlet and the other to plug into a 220 to 240 outlet in the house. V.

In case you want to connect the portable fridge to the house socket, use the corresponding cable and connect it directly to one of the free sockets you have in your home.


Q5: Which is better, electric or traditional car fridge?

In order to define a clear answer to this question, the first thing that you have to take into account is what need you personally have, since the two are very different devices in different aspects.

While car refrigerators have the advantage of being able to be taken anywhere you want thanks to their portability aspect given by the dimensions and weight of the product, traditional refrigerators are much larger and heavier, so it would be impossible easily carry them on your walks and trips.

In addition, it must be said that car refrigerators do not cool too much, but keep the temperature of food a few degrees below room temperature. On the other hand, traditional refrigerators manage to cool the products that are inside very well.


Q6: Which car fridge has lower consumption?

There are some car refrigerators that have an ecological consumption function, which significantly reduces the operating power to about 8 watts, in addition to reducing the noise generated by the engine when it is running.

Among the most prominent models with ECO function is the Severin KB 2922, managing to operate at about 8 watts of power, as long as you have it connected to a wall outlet in the home, since if you connect it to the car, this function is disabled.


Q7: Why doesn’t my car fridge work?

Typically 12 volt car coolers work as long as the vehicle is running. The refrigerator is probably not cooling well because you have turned off the car engine.

Try starting the vehicle and check that the LEDs on your fridge (as long as it has them) light up. Otherwise wait a few minutes after starting the car to make sure the fridge is working properly.



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