Best Car Ramps Review 2021

Ramp for cars – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


At some point, we all need to lift the rear or front of the car, whether it is to perform a visual inspection of the condition of the underbody or the tires, to do cleaning and maintenance, or to perform an oil or fluid change. brakes. These tools are very sturdy and tough as they are designed to lift the car and hold it for as long as it takes. Whether you are a professional or a private individual, in this article you will find ramps such as the Autostyle A45R90 that is capable of supporting 3 tons or the Cartrend 50156 with a light, but extremely solid design.

Shopping guide


Once our comparison of car ramps is finished, we offer you a detailed buying guide in which we will explain what are the main characteristics that you should look at when buying one of these elements, and that will make the difference between a ramp safe and one that may be dangerous and of poor quality.


Wheel width

We start with this guide to buy the best car ramp on the market by talking about the width of the ramp. This feature will mark the type of vehicles that can use it. For example, sports cars or vans tend to have wider wheels than utility cars. In fact, in recent years, cars have wider wheels, so it is very important that you pay attention to this feature before choosing a ramp.

A good, inexpensive car ramp will be compatible with most tires for cars, vans and even motorhomes. However, the cheapest ones may be narrower or lack features like overflow protection. Our advice is that you choose a ramp slightly wider than the tires of your car, in this way you make sure that it is compatible.



When buying a car ramp, you should also look at the weight it can support. This feature is very important and will have an impact on how much the ramp costs, however, you should not save on this feature, as a ramp that does not support the weight of your car could break and, if you are working at the time, you could suffer a very serious accident.

The weight-bearing capacity of the ramps is determined by the gross weight they can bear together. That is, when the ramps are sold in a set of two and it is stated that they support up to 3 tons, it means that each one of them is capable of supporting 1.5 tons separately. It may seem obvious, but sometimes this feature is confusing, especially when the manufacturer does not clearly state whether the weight supported is for each ramp or for the whole. If you have doubts about a product, you must assume that the weight expressed in the description is for the total number of pieces and that you should divide it by two.

In this regard, in the market you will find all kinds of ramps, the simplest that are capable of supporting one ton and others that, together, can support up to 5 tons.

This factor will also be influenced by the material from which the ramp is made. Polymer or plastic ramps are usually more compact and lighter and, although they are also very resistant, they do not support as high weights as metal ones. The metal ones, on the other hand, have the problem of welding, since if these are not safety, they can break, splitting the metal and causing accidents.


Ramp surface

The ramps usually have two types of finishes. The metal ones usually have perforated or open surfaces, these ramps offer greater traction, which helps the vehicle to move around the ramp, and get off and on with greater safety. Those made of plastic or polymers usually have a closed surface, although they always have some type of non-slip coating.

In general, both are excellent options and offer good traction, but metal ones are generally better than plastic ones, as they have “steps” that fix the wheel and improve traction.


Locking systems

Car ramps are tools that require certain precautions when using them. We have already told you about the importance of endurance, since if the ramp does not support the weight, working under it exposes you to great danger. But you must also be careful that the car is well secured and does not move or slide down the ramp.

On the other hand, the best car ramps will have locking systems. Most of them have a notch at the top of the ramp, designed to lock the car wheel once it reaches full height. In this way, the car is “braked” and you ensure that it will not accidentally roll down the ramp.

In this sense, it is also advisable to buy a car ramp that has some type of safety “wedge” or rubber band that keeps it in place and prevents it from slipping when you raise and lower the car.




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