best car radios with a display

Choosing a radio for your car should not necessarily be a complicated process, as you only need to find out what to take into account when buying and what are the recommended models.

Car radios are gadgets that have become indispensable to include in the manufacture of modern automobiles. In the same way that cars have advanced, radios have also done the same and more and more new models can be found on the market, one better than another, which sometimes makes purchasing decisions difficult.

The reason why this can get complicated is because many people who wonder what is the best car radio ( by clicking on this link you can find some purchase options ) on the market sometimes do not even know what parameters to take into account when it comes to Make the purchase. For that reason, it is necessary to find out about the different existing models and take into account what you really want to have in your car.

The different qualities of car radios

Whether or not you change your car radio depends only on what you need to be able to drive comfortably. There are those who conform to the old fashioned way, just by placing a CD of their favorite artist or tuning in to a certain station that they enjoy. However, radios have become much more than this, and for that reason, if you don’t want to, you don’t need to limit yourself to these qualities.

Some more modern models offer other functionalities, such as connecting your mobile phone through auxiliary cables or Bluetooth. This simple detail will make it possible for you to listen to your favorite playlists, podcasts, receive calls and, most importantly, have a global positioning system at your fingertips.

But, although something like this may seem like the pinnacle of radio modernity, there really are other more advanced models that will offer you other important features to take into account. Among the radio models that are currently most sought after, all those that come with a screen included stand out. This screen, which usually has a touch operation, will not only maximize your GPS vision and give you the option of playing videos and music, but it could also link with the cameras you have installed in the vehicle to be able to park better, without risks.

Which car radio with display to choose?

If you are in search of the absolute best, then you will definitely choose a model that has a built-in screen. However, there are many options on the market and finding the best one for you requires a comparison.

There are models that have stood out on Amazon and have become sales leaders, therefore, it is possible that one of them is what your car needs.

1) KKXXX KX018

Don’t let the different letters of the manufacturer’s name scare you, because if you did, you would miss out on a great car radio. This is a small computer for your car, as you can access Wi-Fi connections to use GPS, watch the news, make purchases and even play. It will also be possible to download Netflix and Spotify, along with many other applications, from the Play Store.

The product has a ROM of 16 GB and works with an operating system of Android 7.1. For its part, the screen is 7 inches in size to be able to view everything correctly, with a resolution of 1080 x 600 p and a 1 GB RAM to run several things simultaneously. The screen, in addition to everything, has a 5-point multi-touch function.

2) Pioneer MVH-A200VBT

Pioneer is a well-known brand in the automotive industry, as many top-quality radios are manufactured by this company. In the case of this model, the screen has 6.2 inches and is completely tactile.

The radio comes with auxiliary input and USB, plus it has Bluetooth technology. All these options will give you the opportunity to connect different electronic devices. It is also possible to connect the radio to cameras to see the back or front of your car. To stand out from all the other models, if you connect a microphone you can enjoy Karaoke.

3) Leshp 7 ″

With several languages ​​included, you can adapt this radio to your needs. The touch screen is 7 inches and, in addition, it is foldable to take up less space when you are not using it. It offers HD resolution and you can play multimedia content from any external device, connecting it to the radio with a USB, Auxiliary or Bluetooth cable. You can even play content from an SD card.

With a configurable LED light, you can adjust the colors of the radio to those you like the most. It will also be possible to enjoy many functions such as GPS, clock, vehicle cameras and even enjoy the Mirrorlink to have your phone on the screen.

4) Panlelo S1

Having a radio with a Panlelo screen is like having a mobile phone on the dashboard of the car, because by connecting to Wi-Fi, you can surf the Internet and download applications of your choice on the device. The 1024 x 800p resolution on the 7-inch screen provides sharp colors and brilliant images so you don’t miss out on any details.

The device’s ROM memory is 16 GB to give you space to download applications. Its operating system is Android 8.1, which is a modern and suitable OS for the device. The touch screen can be linked to vehicle cameras and can also play content from different devices.

5) Sony XAVAX205DB

It is not necessary to make an introduction to Sony, as the brand has become famous and a leader in different areas of the market due to the high quality of its products. In this case, this car radio with display is exactly what is expected of a Sony product: high quality, multi-functionality and durability.

The LCD touch screen is 6.4 inches and has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It has wireless connection via Bluetooth and voice control through Android and Apple. The 4 audio outputs offer powerful sound.


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