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Guide to buying car mats


When looking for good mats for your car, we recommend taking into account each of the details available in the model that most attracts your attention, since it should offer you quality, functionality, practicality, resistance and durability so that you can maintain the floor of your car fully protected for a good time. In this way, we have decided to make a guide to buying the best car mats so that you can have the necessary information before the purchase.


Shopping guide



When buying some mats for your car available on the market, you should take into account a variety of details that will help you to verify if the model you are about to purchase is the one that really suits you.

In this sense, one of the aforementioned details deals with the material with which the mats are made, since this way you could know how long they would be able to guarantee you even when their use is constant.

It should be noted that, among so many models, the most commercial are those made of 100% rubber. These, due to their composition, offer quality and durability, therefore, you should not have the slightest doubt that they can really be very useful in your car.

Other models are made of textile material. These are also highly sought after on the market as they are available in a variety of designs that make them unique and leave little to be desired. However, they are more appropriate for those who do not usually use their car as much. Otherwise, they would have to provide constant maintenance to avoid prolonged wear.



It should be noted that when searching for a good model available on the market, you should make a comparison of car mats so that you can decide on a product that is really worth it.

In this sense, taking into account the fact that the mats provide a special decorative level to the floor of your car, then you should not ignore the design that they have in their structure, since this should be primarily to your liking so that you can feel comfortable while using the car.

This being the case, you could verify from the finish offered by the model that most catches your attention, to the color in which you think it is convenient to purchase said mats, since without a doubt there are many existing shades and which you would have to decide even for create a good combination inside the car.



Apart from the design and material with which the car mats you decide to buy can be made, you should also look at the dimensions in which they are available to be able to verify if they would fit your car, since the ideal is that they can adapt correctly to the floor of the car to avoid slipping or, on the contrary, that they are very tight.

In this way, it is important that you know that even some floor mats are universal size, so they could fit perfectly inside a wide variety of cars. Also, some manufacturers make mention on the sales page about the fact that they could be cut to size in case the size is too large.

This feature would undoubtedly be of great functionality when putting the mats in function, since it would not take much time to adjust them to be able to protect the car floor properly.



In addition to looking at how much a set of car mats costs, you should also consider the idea of ​​purchasing a product that offers you a good adjustment and fixing system to avoid discomfort even while you are driving. In this way, do not forget to take into account in detail the type of fixation that the model you decide to buy can guarantee, so that you can make comfortable and safe use of it while driving.



Finally, you should not overlook the number of mats that are included with the purchase of a specific model. It should be noted that sometimes this detail influences between one product and another due to how good and economical a mat can be. However, it is better to have the ideal and complete protection for the floor of your car.

Some sets include two mats, while others have three, that is, two at the front and one long at the back. There are even the models that have 4 pieces, being two of them front and two rear.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to remove gum on car mat?

Chewing gum on your car mat is very common, especially when children are involved. This being the case, there are very easy solutions to get it out quickly and comfortably. One of them results using ice. In this way, the first thing you should do is collect a little of it in a small plastic bag, and then you will have to rub the gum until it is hard enough.

Then with the help of a blunt knife or a spatula, you will proceed to remove the gum as quickly as you can to prevent it from softening again and everything from becoming a mess. It should be noted that you could do this task over and over again until your mat is flawless.


Q2: How do universal car mats fit?

According to the comments of different users available on the internet, universal car mats are usually suitable for a wide variety of cars . However, depending on the model you have at your fingertips, if it were to be a little larger than normal, you could even cut it to the size you need to achieve an ideal adaptation of the product with the floor of your car.


Q3: How to clean car mat?

To properly clean the floor mats of your car , the first thing you should do is remove them from the car and shake them against a surface, so that you can expel the dirt available on them, whether they have dirt or dust. Now, depending on the material with which they are made, you must apply a totally different cleaning method. That is, if they are made of hip hop or some textile material, it would be best to remove the accumulated dirt with the help of a vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, if they are made of rubber, you can easily wash them with plenty of soap and water until they are as good as new.


Q4: How to make car mats?

If you want to carry out the manufacture of car mats at home, you should have on hand each material that is ideal for this action, such as special carpet fabric, threads, scissors and a sewing machine. Later, you would have to get a pattern of mats on the internet or, on the contrary, you could take the exact measurements of the floor of your car, just where they are located. Now, proceed to cut the chosen fabric for your rugs and then continue making the necessary stitching to join said fabric, so that each piece is correctly made.


Q5: Can a car mat be washed in a washing machine?

Washing the mats in the washing machine is not convenient at all, firstly due to the fact that you could damage said appliance thanks to the amount of sand that could be arranged in the structure of each mat. This could undoubtedly clog the filters of the machine and, therefore, cause a considerable failure. Equally, you would have to think about the mats. These could certainly be damaged by being roughly washed. In this sense, textiles could lose their seams and rubber could be affected in terms of their shape. Thus, the most convenient thing will always be to clean this product by hand.


Q6: How to fasten car mats?

Depending on the model you have chosen, you can carry out a totally different fixing method. This being the case, we recommend that you look at each of the steps to follow available in the instruction manual that is included with the purchase of the mats that you have purchased. Likewise, a comfortable and fast way to carry out this task would be using a velcro closure. In this way, with a scissors cut some strips and proceed to stick the rough and hard part on the floor of the car while the excess part would go on the mat. This is the only way to adhere said mat to the floor of your car and voila, it will remain completely fixed.


Q7: Which is better, rubber car mats or carpet?

If you want to know what type of mats is best for you, you should first consider details such as how you use your car. In this sense, if you only use it occasionally to go for a walk or do an errand, you could easily opt for those models made of carpet. Now, if the use you give to your car is constant or you even use it to travel, it would be much better to look at a set of rubber mats, since they could resist much more.


Q8: What are paper car mats for?

These types of mats are generally used during the stay of your car in a mechanic shop, since they would considerably protect the original mats available in your car, taking care that they do not wear out or get dirty with grease.




How to use car mats


Car mats have always been seen by many users as a decoration or beautification method for the car floor. However, this accessory represents much more than that. Well, it should be noted that it also offers an adequate level of protection to keep it in good condition for a long time. That being the case, after the purchase you should take into account the fact of giving the mats the use they deserve so that they can fulfill their main function, therefore, look at the steps to follow that we will describe, below, there would be nothing wrong so that you can enjoy the good working of the product.




Remove the wrapping material

After receiving the product at home, you must unpack it. To do this, you will first need to remove the wrapping material that protects the mats, so that you can verify that everything is in good condition. If it is a textile model, check that all the seams are in perfect condition. On the other hand, if the mats turn out to be rubber, check that they are not pitted or stained.


Read the user manual

Before putting the mats you have purchased into operation, we recommend that you read the instruction manual available in the package, with the intention that you can learn a little more about the product you purchased. It would even be appropriate for you to read the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid inconveniences over time.


Place the mats where they belong

Now, it will be time to carry out the positioning of the mats in your car. If you have purchased a 4-piece set, you must first distinguish which mat corresponds to each side. Generally, the part on the driver’s side is distinguished by the fact that it includes a special heel counter in its structure to make driving the car much more comfortable and safer . Followed by this, for the remaining mats, by their size you can deduce which one is still in the passenger’s position and which are at the bottom.




Fix the mats

In the instruction manual you will find the steps to follow devised to fix each mat to the floor of your car, since each model has its own fixing system. Now, if the model you purchased does not have a fixing system, you could implement a homemade method where the use of the velcro closure is the solution to your problem, since you will only have to cut a few strips of it and stick the hard and rough part in the floor of the car, while the soft part that adheres will be located on each mat. Only then could you get them to hold. Likewise, it does not hurt that you know that there are other much more expensive methods, so this would not hurt.


Keep the mats clean

Considering the manufacturing material available in the mats you have purchased, you should clean them to avoid prolonged wear. In this way, being the textile product, you could suck up all the dirt with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Now, if it turns out to be rubber, with the use of plenty of soap and water it will be more than enough to leave each mat as new.



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