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Although not interacting with the mobile phone while driving can be boring, it is absolutely necessary to avoid accidents and fines. However, entertainment and communication can stay with you as long as you use a car speakerphone.


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In your car hands-free comparison, the most important thing you should note is not how much it costs, but whether the device that catches your eye is compatible with your electronic devices or with your car. Not all manufacturers create their hands-free with the same parameters and therefore a purchase with bad information could cause inconvenience when you want to use the product.

Most car kits will work with any device that uses Bluetooth, however this is sometimes limited to smart mobile phone use only. Additionally, there are even more unique gadgets that can only be paired with cell phones that have come out in recent years. Pay attention to this before making the purchase.

Other things that can cause compatibility issues is the phone’s operating system. Some handsfree need not only Bluetooth, but a specific OS. For example, certain qualities are reserved for iOS and others for Android. Fortunately, though, most models work with both. As for other OS such as Sony or Blackberry, the options are more limited and require more research.

On the other hand, not all handsfree are equipped with compatibility for the assistants of the phones, that is, Siri and Google. This may not be very important in certain cases, however this type of interface makes it easy to use voice commands while driving . Pay attention to this, especially if you need to use apps like Google Maps, to be able to guide you.



If you want to recognize a good and economical option in your guide to buying the best car headset, you should always prioritize those models that come with multifunctionality. The main purpose of this type of artifact is to facilitate the reception of calls, however, it is not necessary to settle for this when you can get different qualities that will improve the driving experience.

For example, the most modern handsfree have extra communication functions such as receiving and reading messages so you don’t have to look at the phone. In addition, you can also order a call just by saying the name of the person you have in your contact list.

To add to these qualities, the compatibility feature with Google and Siri assistants will also allow a better experience. Since this type of system makes voice commands easier and that, in addition, through voice you can access other types of functions such as mobility applications so that you do not get lost while driving.

Entertainment should not be neglected either and a modern model, even if it is inexpensive, should offer the possibility of listening to music whenever you want. A good gadget allows audio playback by connecting MP3 devices, audio cables, memory cards, and via Bluetooth.

Finally, one of the best qualities that a headset can offer is the ability to charge one or more electronic devices via USB. Thus, in addition to enjoying all the aforementioned functions, you can also prevent your mobile phone from downloading due to use.


When you have already noticed all the technical aspects, then it is possible to pay attention to superficial characteristics such as appearance. The structure of the hands-free changes between one model and another, for that reason, you will have many alternatives when you want to acquire yours.

Those with a screen and a small size are the most recommended, as they will allow a good display of all the necessary information without taking up a lot of space in your car. One of the best advantages of having a handsfree with a screen is being able to read the name of the person calling you, in case you don’t want to answer them.

On the other hand, a design feature that you should also consider is the ease with which you can interact with it. There are times when it may be necessary to manipulate it and this should be easy, fast and without the need for distractions. For that reason, look for artifacts with large, smooth, intuitive buttons.

If, instead of this, you want a car radio that fulfills all the functions of a hands-free, then buy a complete model that is connected to the car speakers and that serves as FM, as well as as a content player via Bluetooth.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a car handsfree?

Using a headset is pretty easy, no matter what type it is. This must go in a safe place in the car and, via Bluetooth, it will connect with the mobile phone you want to use.

From that moment, the handsfree will take care of receiving calls, messages and directions without the need for you to check the phone, making its use completely safe. You can also listen to music or receive directions so you don’t get lost on the road.

Depending on its type, the handsfree may have its own speaker, however there are models that connect to the car radio. These are usually cheaper and to do so, you only have to adjust the frequency until you reach the one indicated, while the device is connected to the cigarette lighter socket.


Q2: How to connect the mobile to the car hands-free?

The vast majority work with Bluetooth and to achieve the connection, it is enough to turn on the hands-free and the mobile’s Bluetooth until they are recognized. By pairing them, you can already hear everything through the hands-free.

However, if you are looking to connect another device that does not have Bluetooth, then you will have to use alternative methods that some handsfree offer. These are, for example, the AUX audio cable input or a USB port.

In case you want to connect the mobile but to charge it, some products offer fast charging in their USB connection ports.


Q3: Is it legal to use a car headset?

Yes, as long as they are Bluetooth hands-free specifically for use in the car. Laptops, those that require installation or car radios with Bluetooth are completely legal alternatives that you can use while driving. This is possible because the connection is automatic and you are not required to touch the mobile phone at any time if you want to use the device.

If you plan to use a mobile support to answer speakerphone calls as “hands-free”, then you are about to make a mistake, as this is illegal. You cannot interact with your mobile if you are driving. On the other hand, if you have a hands-free that goes directly to the ear, you will also face a fine, since it is illegal to have your ears covered while driving.


Q4: How to call hands-free from the car?

If it is an older model, you may need to press the call button and listen until you reach the contact you want to call. However, modern handsfree work entirely under voice commands to avoid having to manually interact with the device, as this could lead to an accident if you become distracted.

Currently, all you have to do is mention the name, the phone number or interact with the Google assistant or Siri by saying “Call” and the person’s name.


Q5: Where to install a car handsfree?

Headsets that come with an installation kit or that need to be assembled for use most of the time find a place on the dash of the car. This is an area for easy access and viewing.

However, those portable handsfree that have fixing clips are usually attached to the sun visors of the car or the air conditioning vents. Others go directly over the cigarette lighter socket, due to its connection.  


Q6: How to connect a car handsfree?

If no installation is required, the hands-free connection is made via the cigarette lighter socket. After that, the indicated frequency should be selected on the FM radio to play the sounds.


Q7: How to install Bluetooth handsfree in the car?

If you don’t want to pay for a professional technician, the first step is to find the tools. Take out the radio and disconnect all cables. Pay attention to the connections. You must make the iso connection of the power supply and the speakers of the interface box, between the connection of the car and the radio.

If it has a screen, it is necessary to make the connection through one of the car’s panels, preferably the one that regulates the heating. The cable must have an exit to the outside. Carefully remove the panel and make the connection, inserting it through the space of the car radio and pulling it out through the heating area. Attach the microphones to the frame and gently drop everything, if already attached, through the radio gap. Enter this again in its place. Put the panels in place and with the loose cable from the bottom panel mount the display.


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