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Car Camera – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Driving is a simple task, but it has its degree of complexity, since you are never alone on the road. However, the new technologies that can be included in the car open up a range of possibilities for drivers. One of these is car cameras. Although there are many proposals, two stand out as the best. First, there is the 7-inch Awesafe , a multifunctional camera equipped with Bluetooth, GPS and a large screen that improves the rear view of the driver. There is also the Supoggy SQ11 model , which is small in size, but capable of capturing high-quality images in low light conditions.

Shopping guide


To improve driving and make the journey safer, you can count on a car camera that provides an adequate angle of view in reverse and facilitates visibility. There are many options and each of them has functional attributes, but before making a random purchase, it is recommended to delve into the characteristics with critical analysis to achieve quality. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buying the best car camera, with the main considerations about this equipment.



A good, inexpensive car camera is an attractive alternative, but to complete a functional kit, it needs a practical design to install in the car. 

These devices, in general, are small, but in the market they can be obtained from compact designs of regular size, to miniature computers that are designed to be discreet and serve as a spy mode, since, after installation, outsiders do not they will notice your presence. These cameras can be used to prevent theft and monitor the car, since, through the included WiFi network, it is possible to access the image in real time from the mobile.


Display and compatibility

Larger car camera models generally have a small color screen, which can be either LED or LCD technology, and is used to appreciate what is captured by the camera. The dimensions of these screens do not usually exceed 6 inches. 

In some cases, these displays may have tactile properties, making it easier to use. Other times, it may be bordered by some access buttons that allow configuration. Similarly, there are some alternatives in which it is possible to link with the mobile, so it is necessary that the camera software is compatible with the operating system of the smartphone and it is recommended that it include a car charger for a cigarette lighter. 



Car cameras must be made of quality materials. Commonly, the mechanism is covered by a black ABS plastic housing that protects the operation. However, the resistance of these teams must go a step further.

Since it is a device that captures images, it is necessary that it work at all times, so it is imperative that it has waterproofing (that is waterproof), with additional protection and resistance. So, before making a random choice, remember that they are equipment to use outdoors, so they must be compact, but robust.   


Vision and resolution

One of the most important aspects in these teams is the vision and the angles they offer, so that, when making a comparison of car cameras, you should not leave this aspect out. 

Depending on the model, the camera can offer a rear or front view, even both, with a wide angle, for a greater field of vision. Some alternatives offer a 360-degree view, while others provide a magnified view and a 170-degree wide angle. 

Similarly, camera lenses can be layered to enhance vision and provide greater detail of the journey. In this way, a greater angle provides a reduction in blind spots and, therefore, easier to reverse, because with the camera it will be possible to perceive obstacles and avoid them. 

In relation to resolution, it is recommended to select models with the capacity to record in high definition (FHD), with a quality of 1080 pixels. This will allow for better visibility of details and will be a more reliable recording, should it be presented as evidence to insurance or the police.


Advanced modes and functions

Each brand provides its models with different options and functions that make the team more or less complete. So, if you want to have an estimate of how much a car camera costs, you should pay attention to the modes and functions that the device incorporates. 

Some alternatives are versatile and, in addition to the camera, they are equipped with advanced functions such as Bluetooth, WiFi and even GPS. Other proposals, which could be described as simpler, include continuous or loop recording mode with time settings, night vision and fog, as well as a motion detector at 3 or 5 meters away. 

Even the most innovative models are equipped with a G-sensor or gravity sensor, which is activated automatically and starts recording when it detects a collision or accident. In these cases, the camera needs to have SD or TF card slots to store the content.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a car camera?

The operation of a car camera will depend on the brand and model, since, according to this, its functions vary and its mode of use also. However, in most models it is only necessary to turn on and they will start recording automatically. Some alternatives do not need to be turned on, as they activate automatically when the car starts and stop as soon as the engine is turned off.  


Q2: Where to install a car rear camera?

These cameras are usually installed at the rear of the vehicle, at the height of the bumper or license plate. This position will allow you to efficiently view, on the car’s console screen, everything that goes behind it, with greater amplitude than that provided by the rear view mirror. In this way, reversing will be easier and the action of parking will be easier and safer, without the risk of hitting obstacles. 


Q3: How to connect a reversing camera in the car?

To connect a reversing camera to the car, a small hole must be opened in the vehicle body at the height of the bumper. For this, a drill should be used to help pierce the metal. The diameter of the hole will depend on the size of the crown and the chamber.

Once the hole is open, the cables that will be connected to the reversing sensor of the car must be passed and then adjust both the crown and the camera so that it is centered and focused as necessary.

After this installation, only the camera cables should be joined according to the color (positive red and negative black) with the cables of the reversing light and thus pass them discreetly inside the bodywork, to make the rest of the connections with the screen. 


Q4: How to use the mobile as a car camera?

To use the mobile as a car camera, it must be left in a strategic position inside the vehicle, open the camera application and start recording. However, it is likely that it will download in a short time and it is also an unsafe alternative. Therefore, it is best to connect a conventional car camera with WiFi and link the phone.

In this way, you must download a special application such as HIDVCAM and from there search the camera’s WiFi settings in the mobile’s WiFi settings. Once both devices have been linked, everything recorded by the camera in the car can be observed from the mobile phone at any distance and in real time. 


Q5: Why in Russia do I have to carry a camera in the car?

Russia is a country in which the laws of the Civil Code are favorable for pedestrians when an accident occurs. Although it is not a law to have a camera installed in the car, many people do it to prove their innocence and thus avoid fraud and deception, because, in view of the privileges for pedestrians, some are launched in a volunteer towards cars. However, with one camera recordings, drivers can protect themselves from all legal inconveniences and even police corruption.


Q6: How to install a surveillance camera in the car?

The installation of a surveillance camera in the car should be done on the dashboard and the lens of this camera is intended to face the street. There are those who place it with adhesive tape, while some models include a magnetic support or other mechanisms. For the installation it is only necessary that you have the SD card and connect it to the 12 volt cigarette lighter in the car.


Q7: How to connect a rear camera in the car?

The connection of this equipment will depend on the model and brand, since each manufacturer has its own configuration system. Therefore, before venturing to make random connections, the first thing to do is review the user manual and follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

In some cases, the power cord must be installed to the main board. For this, it is necessary to connect the wires for positive electricity, ACC, ground wire and input wire for reverse parking. 

Next, the rear view camera needs to be attached to the bumper or license plate of the vehicle. Then it should be connected with the screen, camera, and main board . Finally, it is required to connect the 40Pin cables of the main wiring, with the cable for the video input.




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