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Borriquetas – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


When it comes to carrying out minor repairs on your vehicle, you don’t always need a workshop. Some operations can be performed comfortably with a simple pair of jacks, which help to lift the vehicle and hold it safely in place. A task for which we have products such as the AmazonBasics SW-STJK02 borriquetas , of 1.8 tons of weight supported and with a simple approach with which to achieve a good working height in a stable way. If what you need to insure is a caravan, you have the ProPlus Aluminum model , composed of four elements and a load capacity of 3,600 kilos in total.


Shopping guide


Borriquetas are a good alternative to carry out all kinds of work and repairs in the lower part of our vehicle when we do not have a lift bridge or a pit, which is usual, or when due to the simple nature of the tasks to be carried out, either it takes so much. However, it is key that this product is selected wisely, due to the risk that poor quality selection can cause. To avoid this, nothing better than reading our guide to buying the best borriquetas and knowing what you should take into account when equipping yourself.


Borriqueta type

The first thing we should know is that not all harrows are the same with respect to the lifting or weight-holding system they use. In general, there are three existing systems: mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic borriquetas; although, as we will see, the most common is that we find products belonging to the first class.

In the mechanical type borriquetas we use a lever or similar to vary the position of the support. As we pull that lever, the height of the jack rises, also having a release element that returns it to the initial position. In this group there are also the models with a clamping bar, in which we choose the height and fix it manually using a large metal bar.

Leaving aside the mechanical models, we would have the hydraulic models. In this case, we have a system that uses a fluid to raise the jack and maintain its position. Similar is the system of the air models, which require a compressor to maintain the lift pressure. They are more comfortable options than the manual ones, although their cost is higher and they are recommended only for more intensive uses or in professional environments.


Loading capacity

In what we must not skimp when looking for a good and economical borriqueta is in the load capacity that the product offers. Let’s think that those who are going to be under the car are going to be ourselves, so it should give us a little equal how much that borriqueta costs so that it fulfills its mission safely.

In general, the borriquetas have a maximum reference weight that we should not exceed. Therefore, when making our purchase, it will be necessary to know the weight of the vehicle or vehicles that we plan to load on these supports and choose the equipment that best suits us. If you do not know the weight of the car, you can consult it in the technical sheet, which contains this information.

Among the existing options, we have harrows with a capacity to support 2 tons, enough for almost any passenger car, 3 tons for vans and the like, and industrial models, which start at 6 tons of load capacity. That weight is not per borriqueta, but per couple. By the way, always leave margin above for greater safety, so that the capacity of the jack is always above that of the load to be placed.


Product safety

To conclude our tips, let’s focus on security. Part of that security depends on choosing a suitable product for the work that we are going to carry out, although there are also aspects to look at when evaluating any comparison of borriquetas that falls into our hands.

Among these elements, we have the shape of the supports. Some models have supports designed to place the axles of the vehicle on the jack, hugging it and preventing it from being damaged or moving. This option is safer than that of flat models, in which the vehicle sits but is not as well fixed. Anyway, choosing between one model or another depends on the shape of the support areas that the vehicle has.

It is also key to see both the brand and the product certifications. In times in which many options of economic price and doubtful origin are crossed before us, it is convenient to verify that the quality of these equipment is adequate. Something that we can achieve by betting on top-level brands and that have the appropriate certifications offered by organizations with the German TUV or the European Community itself, which adds an extra peace of mind when it comes to getting under the car. 




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to make some wooden borriquetas?

Although the most recommended option is to use the already made metal stands, it is possible to use wooden stands in a specific way or in those jobs in which we do not have to raise the vehicle completely off the ground. For this, it is necessary to use high quality and resistant wood, taking into account the weight of the vehicle.

You should also consider the target height that the jack should have, so that once the vehicle is released on it, it is at the desired height. Make sure that the jack has the largest possible contact surface, as this helps to better distribute the weight on the part once the car is on it. As for the union of the material, it is convenient to do it with long nails of a certain thickness, for greater peace of mind during use. Do not forget to check the state of the borriqueta in each use, to avoid problems.


Q2: How to put borriquetas in caravan?

To put the borriquetas in a caravan, we will start by lowering the additional wheel, to have more support. We will also brake the caravan and place the chocks, to stabilize it more. Next, we will identify the support points for the jack and the jack stands by starting to raise the vehicle. It is important to lift one wheel at a time for good stability.

Finally, we will leave the vehicle resting on the jack stands, lowering the jack slowly so as not to break anything. It is important that the position of the harrows is correct, whether you are going to make repairs or if you want to immobilize the caravan for camping. In the latter case, you can choose between removing the tires or replacing them with old ones, so that the running-in tires do not deteriorate during parking.


Q3: How to put 4 borriquetas?

To place the car on four borriquetas, the first thing you should know is the vehicle’s support points. Right here is where we will have to place the aforementioned borriquetas when fixing the vehicle once raised. Something as important as knowing where you have to place the jack to raise the vehicle, both in front and behind. And this is key, since you will have to do it both in the lower area of ​​the engine and in the trunk, where improper support can cause a breakdown. So it is key to check in the manual where to place the jack.

Once you have all these aspects clear, we will start by raising the car with the jack to a sufficient height to be able to put the harrows in place. We will do the same with the other axis. It is essential to take extreme precautions, as we will have a considerable weight attached to the stands and any bad movement can cause a problem.


Q4: How do borriquetas work?

The borriquetas are nothing more than mere metal supports, in which the vehicle is suspended while we carry out various repairs. Its operation is quite simple, limiting itself to keeping the vehicle in position once we lower it on them.

It is important that each borriqueta is properly secured and that they are all at the same height, so that the vehicle stays in place when it touches them. Complying with these simple precautions will not be a problem for the operation of the stands to be safe.


Q5: How to raise the car to the borriquetas?

To raise the car to the borriquetas, it will be necessary to know which are the necessary support points according to what we want to lift. It is key that these points are correct, because if you do not do so, you may damage the chassis or break something. To raise the car, we start by raising the jack on the corresponding side (front, rear or side), applying the force where the chassis allows it and is more convenient for us.

Once the car is lifted, it will be necessary to adjust the jack to the corresponding height according to what we are going to do and the lifting capacity offered by the jack, placing the metal pin well to prevent it from closing unexpectedly. This step must be repeated on each side, always maintaining the correct height on each borriqueta and trying not to make sudden movements or letting the car fall suddenly.



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