Best Anti-Theft Screws Review 2021

Anti-theft Screws – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 


When you spend a good sum on quality tires, it is essential to protect them properly. Something that you can solve with an economic investment such as that of buying quality anti-theft screws. These simple elements prevent theft of your tires, complicating their unwanted disassembly. On the market we find options such as the McGard 28018SU Standard screws , 26.7 millimeters long, triple nickel chrome plating and a strong and safe construction. If you are looking for screws for your Seat, you can turn to the Febi Bilstein 27056 , also suitable for a large part of the Volkswagen group vehicles and with a resistant construction against possible theft. 


Shopping guide


Today, almost any vehicle that leaves a dealership rides stylish alloy wheels. Also, many drivers have swapped out those old iron wheels for more modern proposals. The problem is that these tires can be easily removed and stolen. Something that you can solve with any suitable option that you find in a good comparison of anti-theft screws. So that you know what to look for, we leave you our guide to buying the best anti-theft screws, where we indicate the keys to find the best product according to your needs.


Measurements and compatibility

The first thing we have to know is that not all anti-theft screws are suitable for all vehicles. Just as each car has tires of a different type, with specific measurements and dimensions, rims also vary in size, weight and characteristics. And consequently, the spaces for screwing and the specific characteristics that the screw must have also do it.

To choose the necessary product for your vehicle, you have two options. One of them is to use the equivalence lists that screw manufacturers offer. These include all vehicles suitable for a certain model of anti-theft bolts. So you just have to look for compatible screws, both by the make and version of your vehicle and by the year of manufacture.

Alternatively, we can use a search related to screw measurements. The problem is that, in this case, you must first know those specific dimensions. You can use the previously installed screws as a reference, measuring both the diameter of the head and that of the bolt area and the extension of the insertable area. Also, check the shape of the screw, depending on whether it is conical or conventional. These are usually the most common parameters to search for these parts.


Manufacturing materials

Another interesting aspect when buying one of these screws are the manufacturing materials and their finish. Two issues that determine both how much the product costs and its efficiency in fulfilling its mission.

In general, anti-theft bolts are made of high-quality and strong steel, since they not only have to keep the wheel in place while driving, but they should also withstand attacks from thieves. For this reason, it is convenient that this steel has been specially hardened by thermal or mechanical processes. These procedures add even more toughness to the material and increase safety.

Regarding the finishes, it is key that the screws are chrome with a quality coating. An issue that is not only aesthetic, but also serves as protection against oxidation and friction inherent to mounting and dismounting of the hardware that holds the tire. Issues that are usually present in the different models that we find in the market, although they do not always measure up to the cheap anti-theft screws that we can buy.


Head design

One of the peculiarities of the anti-theft screws is the head. This does not have a standardized design, but it varies depending on the manufacturer and the model. This is precisely why the screws are secure and prevent theft. Let’s think that if a manufacturer made all the heads and all the keys the same, it would make it easier to disassemble the parts.

However, some manufacturers do have a tendency to repeat the designs of the heads and the extraction keys of their anti-theft screws more frequently than is desirable. Yes it is true that they are the least but it is something that happens. It would also be a great coincidence that the thieves have the key to the tires that we have mounted, but it can happen.

To avoid this, some manufacturers incorporate different ideas with which to modify the heads and glasses and make them almost unique. Some of them go for specific and variable designs, while others incorporate small notches in a standard design, in the manner of a door key, that make each set of anti-theft screws unique. Systems with which to add extra security to our screws.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to remove anti-theft screws?

To remove the anti-theft screws it is necessary to have the socket or head corresponding to the key. We will start by placing this head on the screw, verifying that it is well fitted. Next, we will proceed to disassemble the wheel as we would in normal conditions, either using a conventional cross wrench, using a pneumatic gun or any other similar system.

In case you do not have the key, then things get complicated, because you will need a set of master glasses to proceed with the disassembly or perform a weld in the area of ​​the screw to carry out its extraction. So never forget where you put the screw cup.


Q2: Do I have to bring the 2 car anti-theft screws?

The idea of ​​having a set equipped with two anti-theft screws is to have a spare part. This solves a possible loss of the socket for removing the screws or the possible deterioration of the screws related to use. So it is not essential to carry the two screws in the car. What we must do is keep the replacement screw well, in case we need it one day.


Q3: How to put anti-theft screws?

Assembling your vehicle’s anti-theft bolts is as easy as installing conventional bolts. The only difference is that in the torque wrench or in the pneumatic gun you must place the additional specific socket for mounting that anti-theft screw and fit it well before starting the tightening. Previously, we should fit the screw and screw it a bit to facilitate subsequent assembly, as we would do with conventional models. It is essential to verify the correct socket of the socket during tightening, especially if it is done by hand, so as not to damage the structure of the screw head.


Q4: How do the anti-theft screws work?

One of the keys to the pieces that our vehicles assemble is standardization. Many parts and elements have common characteristics, which facilitates their economic manufacture and also their assembly. But when it comes to preventing the theft of our tires, this is a problem, since if all the screws are the same, anyone can remove them.

This is the “secret” of anti-theft wheel bolts. These screws change the shape of the head, which prevents them from being loosened with a conventional wrench. Something that requires having the specific key for the type of screw that we have installed, since, if not, it will be almost impossible to proceed with this disassembly. And, although there are solutions such as master glasses and other similar remedies for the most clueless, these have a considerable price or can even damage the tires, if you have to resort to welding and other extreme measures.


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