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Guide to buying air compressors


The uses that an air compressor can give you are many and varied, so it is an essential tool in any workshop that works with air tools or even at home, if you have an air gun to paint your home or if you need to inflate a tire. Because it offers a wide variety of functions, we have decided to make a guide to buying the best air compressor, so that you choose the most economical model that best suits your needs.


Shopping guide


What needs do you have?

First of all, it is important that you take into account how you will use this device before choosing one, since you will be able to find models of air compressors on the market for both industrial and home use. If you are thinking of giving your new air compressor an industrial use, it would be best to buy a piston model with a tank with good capacity. On the other hand, if you need it for housework, a portable compressor that does not have a tank will suffice.

You should be aware of the volume and pressure requirements of any tool you need to use with the compressor, bearing in mind that heavy machinery will require much more pressure and volume than lighter and more compact tools. Erring in the choice of pressure needed for your tools will result in the tool not doing its job efficiently.


Types of air compressors

In general, there are two types of compressors: piston models and portable compressors. Piston engine models are compressors that boost air pressure, storing compressed air within the tank, while portable air compressors constantly generate a supply of pressurized air that powers the tool without any interruption.

Regarding piston compressors, these devices are differentiated into two types: single cylinder air compressors, which reach up to 150 PSI of pressure and are suitable for heavy work at home, and models with two cylinders. , which use a double piston system that allows an air pressure of up to 200 PSI to be supplied almost continuously.

In addition, portable air compressors are much more recommended in case you want to give them a more domestic use. They allow the optimal use of spray guns, glue guns, to inflate tires or sports kits and accessories. For this reason, in addition to knowing how much it costs, it is important to know what an air compressor is useful for.


Horsepower and EMF

In any air compressor comparison, it is important to look at horsepower. The normal range of horsepower they generate is between 1.5 and 6.5 HP. However, there are models that offer a higher level of HP and PSI, but these models are exclusively reserved for industrial use. For home use, you don’t need as much power or horsepower.

In addition to the HP value as an indicator of the power of the air compressor, cubic feet per minute is another very important value, since it is a measure of volumetric flow that depends on the PSI of the compressor.


Size and portability

It is very important to take into account some details, such as: will you need to move the compressor from its place or lift it from the ground frequently? In the market you can find large models or compact models, so you will have to decide according to the use you plan to give this device. You have to be very clear about your needs, since a transportable item is very convenient if you go out frequently and need to inflate your tires or different inflatable objects.

On the other hand, if the device is going to be in one of the corners of your garage all the time, it does not make much sense for you to choose a portable model. On the contrary, in that case, you should think about a longer hose in order to have better access to the tools or have a compressor with greater capacity. In the same way, each system uses one or another source of energy, so you should keep in mind that there are portable models from autonomous with battery, to models to connect to the car cigarette lighter.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: What type of oil does an air compressor carry?

It is important to consider that the different air compressors have one or more part inside that needs compressor oil, which is sometimes used in the spaces that are pressurized inside the air compressors. Oil is necessary to achieve better lubrication for bearings, pistons, rings, valves, and cylinders.

On the other hand, screw compressors can be both unoriented and oriented, which will require lubrication of the gears and bearings. In addition, it acts as a sealant between the rotors.


Q2: How to make an air compressor?

By recovering some parts from your old refrigerator or freezer, you can make a very quiet and powerful compressor . All you need would be the compressor and air tank, the air cock, the safety valve and some hose. First of all, it is very important to drain all the refrigerant from the refrigerator system. Many official stores do this for you, for free and take advantage of this moment to check the condition of the compressor. Finally, following a few simple indications that are easily found on the network, will allow you to manufacture a fairly effective air compressor.


Q3: What to do when the air compressor does not start?

First of all, it is necessary to look at several points to verify the real origin of the fault. Keep in mind that there are air compressors with high consumption motors that can overload the electrical network of the place where you are going to use it. For this reason, check that there is no over connection to the network or that the current and voltage are indicated for that compressor. On the other hand, check the oil level, as it should be approximately one millimeter above the recommended level. On the other hand, check that the thermal protector has not tripped, since until you press this button, the equipment will not turn on


Q4: How does a potless air compressor work?

The models of air compressors that do not use a boiler or tank are commonly referred to as portable models, since because they are compact and work with electricity, they generate an almost continuous air flow without the need to store a certain amount, as happens with the gasoline engine air compressors.


Q5: How to soundproof a compressed air compressor?

At present, there are manufacturers that have dedicated themselves to developing different soundproofing systems for noisy air compressors, among which one of the most used systems stands out, which are modular cabins, easy to dismantle and move, which include a ventilation, easy access for maintenance to the compressor and internal cushioning for machinery.

These soundproof booths are manufactured with a BT-Model acoustic panel 80 and 100 millimeters thick, however, acoustic booths can also be manufactured with laminated plasterboard or PAB acoustic doors.


Q6: Can I use an air compressor to clean the PC?

One of the greatest enemies of computers is definitely dust, which is why it is one of the main causes of damage to computers throughout history. As a solution to this problem, air compressors are a solution, however, in part what they do is disperse component dust, without performing a thorough cleaning, so you should complement the cleaning.


Q7: Why does an air compressor vibrate?

Vibration in an air compressor can be caused by various situations such as, for example, when there is the presence of an imbalance of a rotating part, bent shafts, damaged bearings, worn gears or misaligned couplings, among many other reasons.


Q8: Which is better to clean, an air compressor or a pressure washer?

First of all, you have to understand that a pressure washer expels water at high pressure, unlike air compressors, which are responsible for expelling air. The air compressor can be used perfectly in case you need to remove accumulated dust or dirt, even in sensitive places such as computers and electrical equipment. On the other hand, if what you need is to clean a place that has very stuck dirt, you should use a pressure washer.




How to use an air compressor


The long list of applications that can be given to an air compressor is more extensive than we think, allowing us to use it in various tasks at home, as well as on an industrial level. They can help us to inflate tires and various sports accessories, such as balls and balls, as well as to power various tools that use pressurized air such as drills, paint guns, among others. In view of the great utility that you can give to compressors, we recommend that you continue reading the following guide to use an air compressor.




Initial considerations

It is important to thoroughly know, in addition to this general guide, the instructions provided by the manufacturer, so you should take the time to review the user manual that comes with the product. Although we think that the operation of a compressor is simple, for our safety and that of the device, it is highly recommended that we review the instructions that come with the compressor.


Install the system

The next thing we must do is completely remove the compressor purchased from its packaging and proceed to place the wheels, in case it is applied to the model you have, since, in the market there are simpler models that only have small legs . Next, put the intake filter on the compressor. Finally, it incorporates oil through the small filling hole that the compressors especially incorporate up to the level indicated by the guide. Also, consider that it is highly recommended to check the oil before each use.


Start-up and adjustment

Before starting the air compressor, make sure the power button is in the off position. Proceed to plug in the power cord and place the button in the on position. From this moment on, the compressor operation is completely automatic, therefore, after being completely filled, it will switch off, starting again only when the pressure drops to a lower level. Connect the compressor to the air line and test it at full pressure so that you can make sure the machine is working properly. Finally, leave the compressor on for several minutes, taking care to leave the air valve open, so that you can allow a perfect distribution of the lubricant.

After you have done the above, release the outlet valve and adjust the pressure level to the level you want, using a regulating wheel and finally block the outlet valve.





Some of the most important recommendations that you should always take into account, when you are using a new air compressor, is the maintenance and regular oil change that you must give the product, since many times we forget how important it can be. to be maintenance for our tools.

It is recommended to bear in mind that every 50 hours of operation approximately, it is recommended to change the filter. In addition, after the first 5 hours of activity, it is highly recommended to change the compressor oil, loosening the drain cap for oil, normally located on the side of the crankcase, making sure that all the old oil comes out, to finally screw the cap back on . Remember to change the oil every 150 working hours.



What is the air compressor and who invented it?




The first modern air compressor model, as we know it today, was manufactured in 1762 and managed to produce up to 14.5 pounds per square inch. However, it is a device that starts from the innovation of another, such as the prototype of the water engine.


We all know that many of the tasks that we must perform at home can become complicated or difficult, requiring a great effort on a sustained or continuous basis for a certain period of time. However, upon completing the activity, we ended up very exhausted and with the homework half done. To avoid this, it will be absolutely necessary to purchase a practical air compressor. But, before running to a store to buy one, we recommend you learn a little more about these tools, knowing how they work and, above all, their origin.

In the next few lines, we will explain what an air compressor is and how it works, in addition to knowing its inventor, as well as the evolution of the different models and types of compressors.


inherit;”>Air compressors, what are they?

inherit;”>Air compressors are practical tools, which facilitate many DIY tasks or, even, at an industrial level, helping us in many of the tasks that require great physical effort and, much more, in which the effort must be maintained for a long period of time.

This tool has been created with the purpose that, taking advantage of the ambient air, or gas, it can be stored and compressed in some type of tank, so that, later, it can be given a different use. Among the most common activities that can be carried out with an air compressor are: filling the tires of cars, motorcycles or bicycles with air, in addition to being a very useful tool for different cleaning or DIY tasks such as painting with gun.


How do they work?

In general, air compressors are made of three main parts or pieces, which have a different operation and necessary for the compressor to work. The compressor is basically a cylinder with a piston that works thanks to a motor, so that the system manages to extract a quantity of air from the environment, so that, later, it can be given the corresponding use. The boiler or reservoir tank is the part of the compressor where the air that is received is stored and then compressed. And finally, the control equipment is the part of the compressor that aims to collect compressed air and by using a pressure switch, you can manage the pressure that the air will have when it goes out through the hose or flexible tube.




The most common types of air compressors


As for air compressors, it is important to know that there are several models corresponding to different needs, so you can find from models of compressors for domestic use, as well as industrial models and for professional use.


Domestic compressors

This class of compressors is used for simple tasks around the home, as well as for some DIY jobs. These models allow everything from inflating a tire to painting a wall. Thanks to the fact that they are relatively simple devices, they can be used by both a professional and a beginner.


Industrial compressors

For varnishing, painting, cooling or lifting industrial paint jobs. These types of compressors have been developed to work with a type of clean energy that is cheaper than usual, which allows the company that uses this tool to save a considerable amount of money and costs.


History of the first air compressor

inherit;”>Air compressors are widely used within industry, delivering pressurized air in various industrial and home applications, but in reality, the first air compressor is actually the human lung. When humans realized the ability we have to exhale, our ancestors took advantage of this to fan the fires. At that time, we were beginning to realize the usefulness of pressurized air, but a long time passed for us to enjoy the best air compressors of 2020.

The person who first operated a vacuum pump, while experimenting with air pressure to be applied over various media and for various functions, was a German physical engineer named Otto Von Guericke. Von Guericke was able to demonstrate how the air pump works thanks to combustion. Thanks to these studies, it was subsequently possible to determine the use of air as a compressor.




The first model of compressor was created in the year 1762 and could produce approximately 14.5 pounds per square inch. But, it was in the year 1829 that the first air compressor was patented and some 40 years later, manufacturers continued to update the compressors, adding a water jet system that helps lower the temperature of the cylinders.

Thanks to this, it was possible to increase the level of temperature and humidity in the air, which allowed to achieve a higher level of efficiency than the compressed air tools of the moment. The first industrial air compressor to be used in a construction made in 1857 in the Swiss mountains, working in the Mont Cenis tunnel. For this construction, a pattern of pipes was achieved that distributes the compressed air in significant quantities. The pipes were laid at the ends of the tunnel, resulting in a 23,000-foot pipe hole being cut with great success.

In conclusion, air compressors have come to solve a large number of compressed air needs, providing us with solutions, both at an industrial level and for DIY activities or tasks around the home. It is a tool that you can take on your trips thanks to the fact that, currently there are compact and portable models that will allow you to take it to the field and the mountains, in a way that helps you in case you need to inflate, from a tire to mattresses and toys inflatables. Therefore, remember that, to choose the best air compressor of the moment ( In this link you will find several products to analyze ) , you must take into account, mainly, what you need it for.



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