Best 1 DIN Car Radio Review 2021

1 DIN Car Radio – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The 1 DIN car radio is the most used model in our vehicles, offering us a compact and adjustable design with which it is easy to mount. It also offers us a good number of options when it comes to enjoying our music or our favorite radio stations. And as soon as you search, you will also have models with the ability to connect to your mobile so that you can speak safely in hands-free mode. To enjoy all these functions, simply equip yourself with models such as the Pioneer MVH-S300BT car radio . A product with a power output of 4 x 50 watts, wide connectivity with different devices and easy installation via ISO connector. Something similar to what the JVC KD-X341BT offers, which in addition to the usual functions includes an amplifier that enhances the sound more, while giving you all the necessary options to control it properly.


How to use a 1 DIN car radio


If you are one of those people who enjoy listening to their favorite songs while going for a ride in their car, then you must have the necessary implements to enjoy such entertainment. For example, a car radio, since this could give you the facility to play your list of songs comfortably and in a few seconds.

In this way, once you have purchased your own car radio, you should look at our article described below, where you can find specific information about the use that you could give it, as well as certain recommendations to use the functions you prefer according to the model you have chosen. .




Install your new 1 DIN car radio correctly

Once you have received your new car radio at home, you must carry out a simple unpacking in order to proceed with the installation of it. This being the case, we consider it extremely important that you have the instruction manual available in the package at hand, since there you will be able to find the necessary information to install it comfortably in just a few minutes.


Carry out intuitive use

Depending on the model you have purchased, you will even be able to enjoy an intuitive use of your new 1 DIN car radio, since the most common buttons will be present in its structure, either to change songs, raise or lower the volume and even pause it.

On the other hand, making use of the touch screen will be a very easy task that you can do, since the buttons available on the face are complemented by the practical screen mentioned above that with just several touches will provide you with optimal operation.

In any case, it will always be necessary to look at the instruction manual in case you do not understand any configuration process that you must follow to improve the audio system and activate or deactivate functions.


Use the remote control

Making use of your 1 DIN car radio will be very easy since, depending on the model you have purchased, you will even be able to enjoy an ideal remote control to configure its playback comfortably.

In this way, you only have to use the buttons available on the control and that’s it. On the other hand, if you wish, you can also make use of a hands-free service if this is your case, so that you only have to connect your mobile device to the car radio through the Bluetooth connection to be able to use this practical function that will let you receive calls and messages without having to let go of the steering wheel of your car.




Tune in the radio and make use of the GPS system

Once you are using the 1 DIN car radio, you can also tune in to the AM and FM radio, so that listening to your favorite radio programs will be at your fingertips. In this case, you only have to activate this function using a button available on the radio, either to listen to either of the two stations.

On the other hand, if your car radio allows it, you can also make use of a GPS navigation system with 48 maps of different European countries. So you only have to look in the instruction manual for the steps to follow to enjoy this function.


Perform a Bluetooth pairing

One type of connection that lately has never been lacking in electronic devices is the Bluetooth system, which you can use in your car radio to enjoy a suitable pairing with your mobile phone. It should be noted that this way you could even play the songs you have in it easily, in addition to being able to use the hands-free system that the car radio includes.




The most popular brands


Car radios have evolved to such an extent that they have merged with touch screens, CD players, and USB ports. Thus, the 1 DIN car radio is presented as a very versatile device. These are the most popular brands on the market according to users.




Since 1927, JVC has been developing technological solutions for leisure and recreation for millions of users around the world. Its main headquarters are located in Yokohama, Japan. Initially it manufactured gramophones and from the 30s, it markets records in the Japanese country. This decade was also characterized by the launch of radio receivers and a historic milestone for the company: the first television in the Asian country.

During World War II, the brand withdrew from American commerce due to diplomatic tensions between the United States and Japan. After the war, JVC began a process of expansion that led it to own shares in other companies that positioned it much better in the market. In the 70s he had the privilege of creating the VHS system, for video recording and reproduction, which was unique in its format until that time.

The 80s represented for the company its entry into the sports world as a sponsor of the Soccer World Cup and the UEFA European Championship. Since 2007, Kenwood became part of the company, strengthening the market for televisions, radios, camcorders, Hi-Fi, car radios and recording media, to be leaders in all continents of the world. Likewise, JVC has a workforce of more than 35 thousand people in all the countries where it is present.




In the ruins and just after World War II, specifically in 1946, Masaru Ibuka started a small establishment that he called the Tokyo Institute of Telecommunications (Tokyo Tsushin Kenkyujo Totsuken, in Japanese).

With a small capital that came from the savings of the founding father of the company and a staff numbering 20 people, the brand began with the repair and refurbishment of radios, as well as the manufacture of components for the amplification of waves. But those who had started this endeavor wanted more, and began to design prototypes of innovative artifacts, which at first did not give the best results, but which ultimately strengthened the development processes of the brand.

In the 1950s, the Sony brand as we know it today was born; This name was born from the combination of the terms “sonus”, which would come to mean sound and “sonny boy”, which was commonly used to refer to people with a free spirit. Its history is full of successes and the company maintains a strong leadership in the commercialization of products such as digital cameras, audiovisual content, car radios, computers through VAIO, mobile phones, and video games with PlayStation.




Kenwood is the brand that merged with JVC since 2007 to create JVC Kenwood, being the world leader in the manufacture of Hi-Fi products and equipment for car and portable audio amateurs. Its foundation occurred in Nagano, Japan, in 1946.

Since its inception, the company focused its work on generating solutions for radios of all types of models, either to expand their coverage power or to develop components that allow better transmissions, something very important in a time where communications depended a lot on the flow. informative through the radio. Among the biggest innovations that Kenwood brought to Japan are: the first solid state amplifier and the FM tuner.

In the 1980s he developed the first of his car radio models, the XX880SR. From there, his team began the manufacture of new technologies aimed at expanding users’ options in terms of audio, music and, of course, the best of new advances in information, communication and data transmission.



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