Bentley launches its new luxury audio system

When we think of a Bentley, we know that this vehicle has the best in every aspect. And when it comes to sound, the collaboration with Bang & Olufsen is the essential complement to achieve only the best when it comes to audio.


Bentleys are one of the most exclusive cars in the world. Vehicles whose price is more than considerable and easily exceed 200,000 euros, so it is not surprising that these have the best of the best in each and every one of its aspects. Something that also “affects” the sound of the vehicle, which has undergone a considerable improvement in the new version of one of the classics on the market such as the Bentley Continental GT.

This new version of the Continental presents us with a large number of improvements in the technological aspect, which maintains the more traditional mechanical line but brings to the 21st century everything that has to do with fun and multimedia entertainment on board. An approach in which Bentley has joined one of the most advanced brands in the world of sound such as Bang & Olufsen. The result is a new user interface called BeoSonic. An approach that the most music-loving conductors will surely appreciate, since it will allow them to listen to any piece of music with all the quality it deserves.


The basis of the system

As the basis of the system, the Beosonic has a system based on 16 active speakers, strategically distributed throughout the interior of the vehicle, in order to create different sensations when listening to our favorite music. A high-quality approach in which the hand of Bang & Olufsen is noticeable when it comes to the development of this environment. However, if the knowledge of the brand was not enough, it has also resorted to the collaboration of Harman International, which is another of the great companies in the sector as far as the world of sound is concerned.

But since not everything is the speakers, the Beosonic system also incorporates a BeoCore DSP amplifier with no less than 1,500 watts of output power. Enough to power the 16 included speakers that we have already mentioned, being able to give that sound all the richness and quality necessary. The result is a high-quality, immersive sensation, in which each note is sounded with the corresponding quality and tonality with little or no need for the user to make any adjustments or anything else.




The environment matters too

Although the key is in the speakers and the amplifier, Bentley also knows that the environment matters. For this reason, the cabin has also been specially designed to place the loudspeakers in an area of ​​high sound transfer. The focus of these headphones generates optimal sound output, both individually and when all the speakers work together, giving you a high quality and immersive feeling.

Such is the care of this aspect that even the vehicle’s windows have been specially modified and worked to perform better. The main change is that these windows do not have traditional manufacturing, but instead have a special lamination system, similar to that found in the windshield of any vehicle. This new manufacturing system changes the properties of the window and allows them to become one more element in terms of achieving adequate sound refraction, without forgetting the capacity that this material also offers when it comes to achieving the best sound insulation and prevent outside noise from penetrating the vehicle while driving. Something vital to achieve a quality environment and in which the whole system makes sense.




A world-class control system

The last element we have to complete this approach is the product control system. A system in which the large central screen, with which we control a good part of the multimedia parameters of the product, is the key to getting the most out of it.

In this large touch panel we will have the Beosonic control panel, with a large number of functions. Among them, the most prominent is the possibility that we have to choose between four different sound environments or four output modes, to put it another way. Specifically, we will have an energy output system, for the most powerful songs. Another output system is the warm one, ideal for relaxing and getting close audio. The bright mode intensifies different aspects of the pieces to give more depth to the sound, while the relaxed mode is what we need when we want calm and tranquility. All these modes are as easy to choose as clicking on the mode that suits us best. 

In this panel we are also going to control the rest of the audio options that we need to configure, such as Bluetooth connectivity or the included radio, making the process of choosing a station or controlling other details of the playback very easy. All this managed by means of a large touch screen and a considerable response, as corresponds to a high-level product and located in a luxury vehicle.


System availability

At present, this system is already available in the brand’s new vehicles that arrive at dealerships. A new approach to sound that leaves the best car speakers you can find far behind and is in line with the cost and quality of the vehicle. What we do not know is whether this system will jump to other luxury vehicles, although given the exclusivity of the brands involved it is very possible that this system will not come out of Bentley vehicles.



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