Alternatives to the car roof rack to transport your things on vacation

If you like to go on vacation with your family on the road and in your own car, you don’t have to sacrifice passenger comfort by carrying excess luggage. There are practical and functional solutions to transport suitcases and all the things you need to start a trip comfortably and safely.


If you are one of those who enjoys taking long road trips, but you have a large family and a car that has space limitations, the problem of transporting everyone’s luggage could take away your sleep.

When you travel long distances and intend to stay with the whole family at the destination for at least a month, it is inevitable that you have to deal with a lot of suitcases and luggage; even more so if you have small children. In this sense, you should consider the child’s age and make sure that their stroller, travel chair, favorite toys and many other things are not missing, especially what is related to their food and hygiene along the way.

Among the possible alternatives to solve the problem of excess baggage, it could be to buy a larger vehicle. However, this represents a large outlay of money, higher fuel consumption, limitations when parking and also less agility to move in city traffic. Also, if your current car is comfortable enough to use for the rest of the year, it’s not worth a big investment for a long trip or two during vacation seasons.


Some easy and functional solutions

To deal with excess luggage every time you decide to travel as a family, you don’t need to have to make big sacrifices, compromise the comfort and safety of the passengers or risk the stability of the car, all for carrying the luggage load. There are cheaper solutions than buying a new car, functional, practical and easy, which allow you to carry all the luggage that does not fit inside the trunk. 

One of the solutions is to get the best roof rack for a car , since this accessory allows you to transport a large amount of luggage, either on the roof or in the back of the vehicle; However, there are also other viable options on the roof rack to carry objects out of the car and we will mention them below.




Roof chests

Unlike the car roof rack, this product provides greater security and comfort when carrying the luggage on the outside, since by offering an enclosed space to transport the suitcases, there is no risk that they fall or become loose in the middle of the road; In addition, they are protected from the elements, be it rain, sun or wind. Likewise, they provide better aerodynamics and significantly reduce noise.

However, they are products with a higher cost than the roof rack, since in addition to having to buy its structure, you will also have to add the price of the cross bars that are attached to the roof of the car. Additionally, there is the inconvenience of assembly, since the chests are not easy to put on and take off, so many users leave them all year round; which could deteriorate its quality and affect fuel consumption. In addition, they need ample space for storage.


Ball chests

There is a version of chests for cars that are located at the rear and outside of the vehicle. These models are attached to a tow ball and are similar to those on the roof, with the difference that they offer less resistance to the wind, driving is safer, mounting is simpler and faster and loading and unloading more easily.

Among its disadvantages, we can mention that it makes parking maneuvers somewhat difficult, since the car increases its length. On the other hand, since the exhaust gas box is close, there is the possibility that the luggage will smell of smoke.





This alternative to carry luggage on vacation is designed for all those people who do not want to limit their comfort during their stay at the destination, so they carry everything they need for their comfort. A trailer is the best option when neither a roof rack nor a box is enough for a whole mountain of suitcases. 

Thanks to their large capacity, they can easily accommodate all the things that the user wants to carry, from suitcases, bags, backpacks to mattresses or inflatable pools (properly folded). They are especially recommended when it comes to excursions or weekend camping trips, as well as walks in the open air.

To be able to use this product, it is essential that the car has a tow ball; Likewise, it is necessary to have enough space when parking and when driving, it should be done more slowly and maneuver with caution at all times. In addition, given their high cost, there is also the option of renting them.


Luggage shipping

Sending suitcases by courier is a modality that has arisen in the face of the problem of transporting luggage in own vehicles that do not have enough load capacity. This option is aimed especially at those who prefer comfort above all else, since it will not be necessary to overload the car with luggage, or hire a trailer; It’s even a great alternative for people who own a motorcycle or convertible sports car.

It is a luxury option, since the cost is for each suitcase sent. In addition, the shipment of luggage by courier also requires the management of delivery and collection of the cargo; Therefore, it is essential to establish a precise address in the destination and a specific time to carry out this operation.



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