Acquire the technique and properly clean the internal area of ​​the car

Anything that involves cleaning can cause discomfort. Although it can be a simple activity, many people try to escape it. However, in cars it is necessary to do it, both outside and inside. To do this, you must know certain techniques that help remove impurities, eliminate bad smell and remove stains.


Having the car washed inside and out at a specialized center is one way to ensure that it will be clean and shiny. However, doing this would imply a significant monthly expenditure of money that can be saved if done on your own. It is only necessary to invest time and apply some techniques. 

To do an effective cleaning of the car, an order must be followed, as this will prevent a part that had already been cleaned from getting dirty again. One of the most common tips is to get everything out of the interior of the car and start vacuuming all the holes. The vacuum cleaner can be the one used at home, since it is one of the most powerful. In case you don’t have one, you can opt for those of the car washes or gas stations. 

Next, the upholstery should be cleaned. To do this, it is necessary to use special chemicals or natural techniques that do not damage the upholstery. For example, a mixture of water and ammonia can be used. The amounts are 20 ml of ammonia per one liter of water. Next, a cloth should be dipped in the solution and prevent it from dripping. With this cloth you should rub the upholstery and let it dry with the windows open. 

On the other hand, it can also be dry cleaned with special foams that are used for car upholstery. There are some cheaper and easier-to-use options for household cleaning. Once the product has been applied, it must be removed with a vacuum cleaner. 




The crystals must be shiny 

As important as the upholstery are the glass of the car, being necessary that they be cleaned both inside and outside. Many people ignore these items and only pay attention when the accumulation of dirt no longer allows for proper viewing. 

Some stains are difficult to remove, but conventional glass cleaners can be used. In case you live in places with adverse climatic conditions, you can use an anti-humidity cleaner. In this sense, it is appropriate to clean all the glass, not just the main one.

On the other hand, car mats are another element that must be kept clean so that the car looks shiny. These must be cleaned outside to remove all accumulated dust and impurities. 

Even if you have the best car mats of 2020 , they will not clean themselves, so they will need to be washed. Air pressure machines are used in some car washes, but if these are not available then the mats can be removed and shaken against the ground. In this case, the dust will start to come out, then they can be vacuumed and then they can be washed with water to let dry in the sun. 


Remove stains and remember the good smell

Sometimes there are stains that are more complex to remove from the upholstery, which can be from food, drinks, grease, among others. For each of these there is a convenient technique that will help remove the stain. 

In the case of meals, they can be the most difficult to remove from the fabrics, especially due to the fact that they cannot be removed from the seats and put in the washing machine. This leads to the use of specific cleaning products.

Another technique is by placing baking soda on the stain, letting it act for a couple of minutes and then removing it with a brush. Next, a damp cloth should be rubbed over the stain until it is removed.

Another way to remove grease or food stains is to use a sponge, dish soap, and water. There are those who advise that you not only work on the stain, but that this technique be applied throughout the seat so that there are no color differences. 

If it is not fat, but blood stains or any element with proteins, the technique changes because in addition to the stain, a bad smell also tends to appear after a while. For these stains there are some alternative cleaners that act as detergents for organic remains. 




In the case of these stains, like vomit, they can also be cleaned using homemade recipes. Therefore, vinegar is a practical option that can be mixed with water and then applied to stains. In the case of odor, one way to dull it is to cover the stain with baking soda for half an hour, and then remove it.

Although vinegar is a suitable option to remove stains, it should only be used on special occasions of complex stains, because vinegar has a very invasive odor, which will be difficult to remove later. 

In addition to food, there may be the possibility that the stains are urine from animals or children who have had incidents on the upholstery. As in the previous cases, these stains can be removed both with industrialized chemical products, even with domestic techniques.

For this technique you should mix half a glass of powder or liquid laundry detergent, with a glass of water and a quarter glass of vinegar. This mixture should be applied on the stain and on the entire piece so that there is no difference in colors. Ideally, let it sit for a couple of minutes and wash to reapply with a wet cloth. It is necessary that all the soap is removed and that no residues remain. 

To remove bad odors from inside the car, it is convenient to use coffee beans, which will absorb the bad odors. Another alternative is to put air fresheners.



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