A GPS system that provides connectivity to any vehicle

All drivers know the benefits of GPS positioning systems, however not all vehicles have one of these devices pre-installed. It is for this reason that the Midas company has launched the new Midas Connect, the first application for mobile phones that connects with your vehicle.


It is well known that having a car connected to a global positioning location system, such as GPS, provides a variety of advantages to drivers, helping them to get the correct route to their destination, without the need to know the road beforehand. In addition, it allows you to know the location of your vehicle anywhere in the world in case of loss or theft.

However, the big problem is that vehicles that are already a certain age lack these factory integrated devices. Only vehicles that have been designed in recent years incorporate a Global Positioning System that allows you to navigate with confidence, without the need for any other accessory.

Thinking about the lack of this feature in classic vehicles that are still in operation or even those whose GPS they incorporate has been ruined, the company specialized in automotive repair called Midas has developed the Midas Connect application , a practical and innovative system that allows you to be connected to any driver thanks to a device installed in the vehicle and an application for your phone. This system can be installed in any type of vehicle, regardless of the year of manufacture.

To know the real utility that the Midas Connect system provides, it is important to know what it is and what are the main characteristics that global positioning systems or GPS provide, as it has become known in today’s linguistic field.




What is a GPS and how does it work?

GPS are devices that allow you to know your exact position, determined in longitude and latitude coordinates, anywhere on the planet. To achieve their operation, these systems have a wide and complex network of ground stations and several satellites. In itself, GPS is made up of three main components or sectors. 

The first component is determined by the space sector and is made up of approximately 24 satellites that constantly orbit in 6 orbits, so that it can be ensured that there will be a minimum of four satellites in each one. These satellites orbit at an altitude of 20,200 kilometers and, thanks to their speed of rotation, they can circle the earth approximately every 12 hours.

On the other hand, there is the component in charge of the land sector, also known as the control sector and which is made up of 9 stations distributed in a general station, three data stations and five tracking stations.

In addition, there is the user sector, which is determined by the amplifier, the receiver and the antenna. The receiver works by choosing which satellites are the ones that provide the precise information to be able to calculate the position.

In this way, the action of the three components simultaneously ensures that each user will have 6 to 8 satellites constantly visible, which provides the user with the necessary information related to time and geographical position, in addition, with global coverage. .

At present, we can find this technology present in a wide variety of devices such as mobile phones and tablets, which allows users to perform different tasks such as looking at the map and exploring the possible paths and routes to be able to reach the destination point of safe and fast way.


The creation of Midas Connect

Even if your vehicle is not of the latest generation or has a car GPS, it is possible to access your vehicle information on your mobile phone or smart tablet, whatever its year, model and vehicle type, thanks to the new Midas Connect . This is based on an application that can be installed on your mobile devices that is responsible for keeping your car up to date and connected at all times, which provides a greater sense of security and tranquility to the user. In this way, you will be able to know the exact location of your vehicle, using the very useful geolocation function.

However, these are not the only advantages offered by the use of the Midas Connect, since you will receive alert notifications that indicate the correct time to have your vehicle serviced, as well as information that helps determine the condition of your car or the journeys you have made with him. On the other hand, if you have left your vehicle’s light on, the Midas Connect will notify you immediately, allowing you to keep the battery in optimal operation.

This application stands out for promoting safety when you go behind the wheel, since the vast majority of notifications that the user receives happens when they are off the wheel. This happens because the application is able to determine whether or not the vehicle is moving. Also, if the car exceeds the perimeter that the application determines, it will warn you.




How to install Midas Connect?

Some users claim that this is one of the best car GPS of 2020 , since for its installation you will only have to install the application to your mobile phone and synchronize it with a small device that is installed inside the car, which you must purchase approaching the Midas service center in your area. After you install your device, you can sync it with the wireless device app.

Finally, it is important to know that this application is available for Android and iOS operating systems and is compatible with approximately 85% of the vehicles that have been manufactured after 2002. The installation of the device is done quickly and easily, in addition to It has an estimated price of 60 euros, making it a considerably economic investment.



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