9 Common Failures Of The Honda Jazz: Breakdowns, Solutions And More

The Honda Jazz is a practical and easy-to-drive city car that is popular with the older generation for its comfortable and spacious cabin. Despite this, this incredible vehicle does not completely escape problems, join us to read the common failures of the Honda Jazz .

This is an expensive new purchase, as this is still a good used car and a good choice for someone who wants both space and urban maneuverability.

Common failures of the Honda Jazz

If you are considering buying one of these cars, you should be aware of the following common warning signs. Reading through these common Honda Jazz problems should help you figure out what is wrong with a Honda Jazz vehicle, or simply what you should pay attention to in the future.

We will also give you suggestions on what to do if your Honda Jazz has one of these problems.

1- Brake problems

There are a number of brake pad failures across the entire Jazz model range . They usually show up as premature unit wear, which can lead to increased stopping distance and the need for early pad replacement. So be sure to check the brakes at speed on any pre-owned model you’re considering buying.

2- Power failures

As with all used cars, beware of vehicle electrical problems. In the case of the Honda Jazz there have been reports of problems with the window control units which can seem hesitant and slow to respond to the control switches so be sure to check each door thoroughly as the problem is located.

3- Problems with the gearbox

The seven-speed CVT gearbox was introduced to the Jazz range in 2002. This brought with it a number of problems that are indicators of damage or partial failure in the unit. Among them are noises when starting and gearbox problems .

If you’re thinking of buying a model with a CVT gearbox, it’s worth having the part checked to make sure the fluid has been replaced regularly and the belt is in good working order.

Keep in mind that also one of the common Honda Jazz failures that has been widely reported is a fault with the manual shift system on some Jazz models that suffer from a gear selection problem, but this is quite rare.

4- Problems with the doors

When looking for a pre-owned Jazz, always check all door locks with the key inserted, as there is a common fault with locks becoming worn and stuck.

Another area of ​​concern is around the rear doors, where you’ll want to check that the gaskets on the edges are not cracked, as this will let water in while driving in the rain.

5- Leaks in the back of the car

Leaks in the wheel arches at the rear of some Jazz models can allow water to enter the trunk and collect on the trunk floor. Check if the gaskets in these areas are damaged as they are the culprit and while they are fairly cheap and easy to replace the contents of your trunk may not be as durable. This problem has been widely reported by users, which is why this list of common Honda Jazz failures is located.

6- Handbrake problems

Take the time to park your prospective used Jazz on a hill and check that the parking brake holds the car in position. It is known that there is a problem with the calipers that prevents the brake from holding even the slightest bit of weight . This is also quite an expensive solution, requiring the entire unit to be replaced.

7- Obstruction of exhaust pipes

If the car you want to buy has been used mainly for driving around the city, you should check that the exhaust works correctly. Since the engine will not have been running at its best, there may be clogging issues in the exhaust system, which could cause the vehicle to run rough.

8- Problem with electric windows

If you’ve noticed a problem with the power windows on your Jazz, it’s usually a fault with the power window switches. You may have noticed that your windows hesitate to open or close, or not work at all.

Honda will fix this problem under warranty if you have one, otherwise you will have to install replacement window switches to fix the problem.

9- Strange noise when starting

If you have noticed that there is a noise when starting , it is most likely that you have to do a check of the gearbox fluid. This problem occurs above all in semi-automatic gearboxes.

As mentioned above, you will need to change your gearbox fluid to resolve the issue. If left too long, the clutch will be damaged and will need to be replaced. This would be much more expensive than changing the gearbox fluid.

To complete

Overall, the Jazz is a good buy and you’ll often find bargains at used dealers. However, a simple check will ensure that you don’t buy a car that will end up costing you a little (or a lot more) in the long run.


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