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8 Most Common Failures Of The Volvo S40: Problems And Solutions

Do you want a combination of luxury and solid motorization? Well, there is nothing better than looking at the Volvo S40. Strong and very solid, this vehicle gives you a career edge, plenty of space and an attractive profile that’s available on a range of different trims. If you are interested in this vehicle, you will want to know the common Volvo S40 failures that can occur to you.

There’s nothing like a Volvo when it comes to safety, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to trouble. That is why it is convenient that you read our list of common problems.

Common faults of the Volvo S40

If you are thinking of buying a second-hand vehicle with these characteristics, you should take into account the following common faults of the Volvo S40.

1- Bad starting or loss of power

The MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor can become clogged and cause poor starting and loss of power while driving. Loss of power translates into poor acceleration, especially at high speeds. Removing and cleaning the MAF sensor with some MAF sensor cleaner should resolve the issue.

2- Failures with the sunroof

If the Volvo S40 that you are thinking of buying has a sunroof, be aware of the following failure. There are two drainage channels on each side of the piece. These can easily become clogged over time causing water to seep into the vehicle when it rains heavily.

Telltale signs include a musty smell in the car and signs of water damage to the rear footwells and inner pillars. Although this does not ruin the car, but it depreciates its value.

3- Problems in the water and fuel pumps

Thinking of buying a 1.6-litre S40? This version of the popular Volvo is notorious for requiring a large and constant supply of motor oil or tends to sludge. Weak points in the system are known to be the fuel and water pumps, which can lead to overheating and malfunction of the vehicle. You should be on the lookout for any kind of engine roughness or idling issues when considering buying this model.

4- Brake failures

Check that the brakes are fully operational when you take your Volvo S40 out on the road. Make sure the stopping distances are as expected , as there is a well known problem with the brake rotors which could cause a problem when stopping the vehicle.

There is no easy remedy for this problem, so you will have to replace the part. This is a highly reported failure, which is why it is on our list of common Volvo S40 failures.

5- Failure in the rear wheel bolts

Pay close attention when thinking about buying a Volvo S40 built in 2008. Cars from this period have been known to suffer from rear wheel bolt failure. Volvo carried out a large recall and this should go on the car’s service history.

6- Suspension problems

Thinking of buying an S40 T5? If you have one of these cars in your crosshairs, then a widely reported problem with the front suspension is definitely worth pointing out.

Premature wear can begin to hinder the function of the rear bushings in this system, affecting the vehicle’s ability to provide a smooth and stable ride. The old bushings will have to be replaced by more modern versions.

7- Failure in the catalytic converter

There’s a rotten egg smell inside the car that you can’t get rid of for anything. This is almost certainly due to a faulty catalytic converter, and you will need to replace it. The good news is that you can sell even badly damaged catalytic converters for very good money, which will help you pay for a replacement.

8- Defective instrument panel

If there are problems with the instrument panel, it is most likely not due to a fault in the part, but rather a faulty connection to the ECU.

If you come across a used Volvo S40 that suffers from this problem, you should be able to fix it relatively cheaply without hunting for a new panel.

To complete

All in all, the S40 is a high quality car and one that will hold its value quite well even after having owned it for several years. It is good on the road, offering a high degree of comfort and great handling. You just have to pass the checks and you can end up with a car that will last, giving you great value for money.

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