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7 Common PT Cruiser Failures

When Chrysler introduced the PT Cruiser, it’s hard to know if executives knew how the public would react. This gangster-style design was completely unlike anything on wheels back in 2001. The Cruiser tends to have problems like any other vehicle. Read this post to the end and discover the common faults of the PT Cruiser .

Although no longer in production, this car still has many fans and some are actively looking to buy one. However, the PT Cruiser was not without its recurring problems. As with many models, there were some common complaints from those who owned them.

How good is the PT Cruiser?

Fiercely loyal fans arose and embraced the gangster-style car design with enthusiasm. On the other side were those who immediately rejected the unique design of the car and gave it a thumbs down. Regardless of which team you align with, one thing is certain. This car was drastically different.

The PT Cruiser isn’t too bad, and the GT even made it a bit fun to drive. The PT Cruiser GT has an optional 5-speed manual transmission, larger rotors, and disc brakes on the front and rear tires.

It was the surprisingly rear-wheel drive PT Cruiser , and while it’s too heavy for cornering well at higher speeds, it’s a comfortable and fun ride. The GT model also gets lowered suspension and larger chrome wheels that help improve the Cruiser’s appearance a bit.

Common PT Cruiser Failures

After you finish reading these common Chrysler PT Cruiser problems you might already know what is wrong with your Chrysler PT Cruiser, or simply what to look for in a future failure. We will also give suggestions on what to do if your Chrysler PT Cruiser has one of these faults.

1- Problems with flashing lights

This is kind of a running joke . When you’re driving and come across another driver making turns without signaling correctly, you might sneer at his blinker not working. But for many PT Cruiser owners, this is a legitimate fault.

Many owners of this vehicle reported experiencing erratic turn signal level operation and some of the exterior lighting. These problems sometimes lead to dead batteries . The problems occurred during 2001 through its final 2009 model year, and around 89,000 miles.

2- Engine failure

Some PT Cruiser owners started having problems with their beloved cars not starting or not starting. The Wireless Control Module (WCM) is the main culprit. It is said that failure is produced by static electricity .

The fix was minor, including replacing the WCM. But many owners found that they could disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery and get back on the road. It’s more of a headache than anything else.

3- Clutch problem

Common clutch-related PT Cruiser failures are fixable. The clutch slave cylinder can fail on this vehicle . A common symptom that this part has failed is that when you step on the clutch pedal, it feels very weak or loose. You will need to replace the clutch slave cylinder to rectify the situation.

4- Annoying software updates

Another common PT Cruiser problem that directly affects owners involves the headache of constantly needing software updates. The powertrain control module, responsible for regulating shift quality, required trips to the dealership for many owners.

Others had to come back with ongoing issues to fix erroneous CEL software upgrades. Many people pointed this out as a nuisance, just to maintain or improve the dynamics of the changes. Other software updates such as fixes to interior lighting, accessory components and functions have also been documented.

5- Starting problems

This is another of the common PT Cruiser failures. If you’re having trouble with your vehicle not starting, especially when the engine is cold, you most likely have a faulty camshaft position sensor. To solve this problem you will have to replace the camshaft position sensor .

6- Rattling noise inside

If you’ve noticed a rattling noise coming from the passenger side around the wheel arch area, this is a common problem on this car. This is due to an ill-fitting dashboard. You will have to remove the glove box and wrap around this area behind the dash to stop the rattling noise.

7- Failures in the spark plugs

There is a design flaw in the spark plugs on this vehicle. This is usually one of the common PT Cruiser failures. This design flaw causes engine ignition problems and poor idling.

Instead of the revs staying constant, they go up and down erratically . Chrysler has revised the spark plug design to prevent future problems. You will need to install the revised spark plugs to fix the problem. This should stop the misfiring.

Recalls and technical service bulletins

According to experts, it is not uncommon for any given vehicle to have up to four recalls, each year of a certain model. NHTSA typically governs these notices and will issue Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for the most common mechanical problems.

The PT Cruiser was not immune to recalls and technical service bulletins . Over the course of several years, one of the recalls affected the high pressure power steering hose, requiring its complete replacement. If not replaced, the transaxle differential cover would wear out prematurely.

The 2001 model year has seven recalls and plenty of complaints about peeling chrome wheels. The last recall was in 2007 and concerned the rear glass retainers, which failed and allowed the glass to separate completely.

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