6 Common Failures Of The BMW 5 Series: Problems And Solutions

A BMW has always had something cool about it. Renowned for their quality engineering and world-class driving stats, these cars are epitomized in the 5-series. While this car is amazing, like all cars it has a few problems. Make sure you know everything about the common failures of the BMW 5 Series.

Instantly recognized as the mid-range luxury model that bridges the gap between sexy motoring and family car, the BMW is no wonder this machine has been gracing the roads of Europe since 1972.

Common failures of the BMW 5 Series

The used BMW 5 Series is widely recognized as a good investment. These cars are known to last for many years, maintaining their looks and style throughout their lifetime.

There are a number of common BMW 5 Series faults to be aware of, so you need to be vigilant and guard against these issues when considering any used vehicle in this range.

1- Failures in the cooling system

The water pump and thermostat are known to have problems on the BMW 5 Series. You should keep an eye out for the ” Service Engine Soon ” light, as it is a warning sign, and also keep an eye on the temperature gauge to see if the engine is too hot.

The cooling system is responsible for 25% of all mechanical problems on this model of vehicle and if problems are allowed to persist this can cause failure of the entire engine.

2- Failures with the air conditioning

There is a widely reported issue with the air conditioning on the 5 series. This can feel like the fan changing speed with no indication of the controls and the system just blowing cool air on the lowest settings. Be sure to check the air conditioning on all levels before purchasing a second hand model.

3- Problems with the sunroof

Does the BMW 5 Series you’re considering buying have a sunroof? Pay attention to hissing sounds when driving the car , which could indicate a problem with the rubber gasket, which has not been installed correctly on some vehicles due to a production fault.

This will affect the fuel economy of the car, creating extra resistance and irritating you with drafts while driving the vehicle.

4- Defective fuel pump

The E60 5-series, including the 535i, suffer from widely reported problems with its fuel system, especially the fuel pump, resulting in poor engine performance, low power, and rough idling.

This requires a complete change of the pump as the part was redesigned due to failures. And it’s an expensive job to replace all six. Watch out for throttle issues, repeated misfiring, and increased chance of stalling. This is a problem with many demands and that is why it occupies position 4 of the common failures of the BMW 5 Series.

5- Faults in the Tensioners

Worn tensioners and deflection pulleys produce a very distinctive screeching noise that rises from the engine bay. If you hear that noise, we recommend doing a quick visual check of the engine belts , looking for any cracks or damage. A damaged belt can affect the cooling system and cause problems with the cooling system, alternator or power steering.

6- Problems in the distribution chain

Unfortunately, although the timing chain on the M47/N47 engine was originally described as maintenance free, this part is notorious for sudden detachment, rendering the engine useless.

Be sure to check that the BMW 5 series has a full service detailing the checks and inspections that have been carried out on this part.

To complete

The BMW 5 series is a good car and is perfect as a family vehicle when you want to combine good engineering with driving quality and prestige. With decent fuel economy and enough space in the rear to accommodate vacation trips it’s a great pre-owned car choice. And of course it has the famous maker’s mark on the front.

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