2020 Mini Cooper Safety: Is It Worth It?


So when you buy cars, safety will probably come back again and again. If you want to make it a top priority, you can’t lose by opting for the Mini Cooper. Although this compact car takes up little space, it doesn’t slouch when it comes to protecting you.

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How safe is the 2020 Mini Cooper?

The 2020 Mini Cooper received an overall rating of “Good” from the IIHS, which is its highest score. It was also named a Top Safety Pick+ in 2016 when equipped with forward collision prevention. NHTSA has yet to comment on this model.

Crash ratings are important, but so are the high-tech safety systems employed by modern automakers. For the full history of Mini Cooper safety, we invite you to explore these topics in more detail in this article.

Mini Cooper Crash Test Rating

Currently, only the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has crash-tested the 2020 Mini Cooper. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) only has ratings for the 2016 model year.

When it comes to crashworthiness, the 2020 Mini Cooper earns a “Good” rating in all areas from the IIHS. However, crash prevention and mitigation scores are a little less impressive.

In this category, LED projector headlights earn an “Acceptable” rating. Halogen reflector headlights earn a “Poor” rating due to poor visibility.

2020 Mini Cooper - Picture of Mini

Vehicle-to-vehicle forward collision prevention earns an “advanced” rating because it was unable to completely prevent a collision. The child seat anchors received a marginal rating due to poor placement.

In 2016, the two-door hardtop version won the Top Safety Pick+ award. This model year earned the same scores as the 2020 version, indicating the potential for a price tag this year as well.

In addition to its solid structure, the Mini Cooper is equipped with airbags throughout the cabin, including the sides and top. Beyond that, it’s equipped with high-tech safety systems that promise to help prevent accidents in the first place.

Safety technology equipped in the Mini Cooper

Like most automakers these days, Mini equips its cars with active safety features that help prevent collisions. Their most popular systems include the following:

Header screen

Accidents can happen in a split second, so it’s good to always keep your eyes on the road. But what about when you need to take a look at your speedometer or other displays on the dashboard? This is where the head-up display shines.

This impressive feature puts all the screen information you need right in front of you, so you never have to divert your attention from the road ahead. You can also retract it when necessary, allowing you to customize the driving experience to your liking.

adaptive cruise control

Normal cruise control systems go at full speed, no matter what is in their path. With adaptive cruise control, the system monitors vehicles ahead and adjusts your speed to avoid a collision.

Dynamic stability control

To keep your car on track, there is the Dynamic Stability Control system. If it detects that you are going off the road or spinning, it selectively applies the brakes to prevent this from happening. When that happens, it also adjusts your engine’s power output to bring it all together.

Brake control when cornering

When driving around tight bends, your Mini’s tires can loosen and cause you to skid at top speed. To keep you on track, the Cornering Brake Control system intervenes to adjust your trajectory. Since you apply the brakes selectively, your car keeps turning without missing a beat.

In the event of an accident, you can count on the collision detection system to help prevent injuries. When detecting an impact, this system turns off the fuel pump and activates its hazards. To help you exit the vehicle safely, it also illuminates the cabin space and opens all doors.

Here’s a look at some of the questions people are also asking:

Is the Mini Cooper a safe car to drive?

As an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ winner, 2016 and newer Mini Coopers are proven to be safe to drive. Their active and passive safety equipment helps make them even safer by helping to prevent accidents.

In what year should the Mini Cooper be avoided?

Mini Coopers made before 2015 had reliability issues that could mean trouble down the road. Unless you can get one with impeccable service records, it’s best to avoid older models. The only exceptions are the 2005 to 2006 models, known as the golden years.

Are Mini Coopers safe for new drivers?

With all their active driver assistance systems and excellent crash test results, Mini Coopers are safe for new drivers. The 2016 model, in particular, offers all the protection parents want for their teens who are learning to drive.

What are common problems with Mini Coopers?

The continuously variable transmission is a well-known weakness in the Mini Cooper design, as it is prone to premature failure. Other parts known to fail are the power steering pump, water pump, and timing chain.

Are Mini Coopers safe and reliable?

Yes, Mini Coopers are largely safe and reliable. The IIHS gave them a Top Safety Pick+ designation in 2016. Additionally, JD Power rated them as the most reliable compact cars on the market for 2019.

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