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2017 Ford Escape: Oil Life Monitor Reset

White 2017 Ford Escape Front Driver Side

If you’re thinking about owning a 2017 Ford Escape, it’s important to understand how all of its systems work, especially when it comes to maintenance.

The smart oil life monitor, for example, can help extend the life of your car, but only if you know how to reset it.

How do you restore oil life in a 2017 Ford Escape?

To reset the oil life monitor, turn on the accessory power by pressing the start button without pressing the brake pedal. Then press the accelerator and brake pedals until the system completes the reset.

If you want to navigate this process easily, let this article guide you. In this article, we will explore all the steps you need to take to reset the oil life monitor in your car.

Ford Escape Smart Oil Life Monitor

Regular oil changes are essential to keeping your 2017 Ford Escape in top condition. Like many modern cars, the Escape has a monitoring system that helps it stay on schedule.

Dubbed the Intelligent Oil Life Monitor, this system tracks the miles between oil changes. As you do, the display lets you know what percentage of the oil life you have left. Once you reach 15% of the remaining oil life, a reminder prompts you to schedule your oil change.

To keep your engine in top condition, you should change the oil well before it reaches 0%. After performing this service, you can reset the Oil Life Monitor to restart the countdown and receive a just-in-time reminder.

Steps to Restore Oil Life in a 2017 Ford Escape


As described in the video above, resetting the oil life monitor on the 2017 Ford Escape is quite easy. To complete the process, you just need to follow these steps while sitting in the driver’s seat with your foot on the brake.

  • Press the start button once to turn on all accessories, including indicators
  • Place your feet on the gas and brake pedals and push them to the floor.
  • Keep both pedals pressed until the message “Service: Reset oil in production” disappears
  • Once the “hard reset” message is displayed, you can remove your feet from the brake and accelerator pedals. If following these steps does not result in a reset, check that the driver’s door and hood are completely closed, then try again.
  • If the system reboots, press the home button again to turn off the accessories. You can start the car with your foot on the brake to verify that the oil life monitor message has disappeared from the display.

Is it time to buy a Ford Escape? Run a vehicle history check

If you’re looking to buy a 2017 Ford Escape, be prepared to inspect any car that catches your eye. Beyond that, it’s important to do plenty of road testing and check the vehicle’s history. This way you can exclude cars with obvious problems and any accident history, title problems, and more. Your efforts will help you find a car you love and avoid a serious case of buyer’s remorse.

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