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2014 Ford Flex Recalls: Know What’s Happening



The 2014 Ford Flex is a midsize SUV known for its spacious interior and high safety ratings. However, like all vehicles, it is not without potential faults. Over the years, the 2014 Ford Flex has had a few recalls. If you own one, you’ll want to know what it is so you can take appropriate action.


NHTSA Recall ID: 14V393000

In July 2014, Ford issued a recall for the 2013–2014 Ford Flex. According to the recall, some of the vehicles had a problem with the half-shaft retaining circlip. Improper installation allowed half of the shaft to move out. This caused it to come loose from the connecting shaft.

Because this fault does not give any warning, it is quite dangerous. When the short axle and axle shaft are disconnected, power stops flowing to the wheels. It also allows the car to roll when placed in “Park”, creating another risk of injury. Owners of affected vehicles should take them to the dealership for inspection and to determine if the driveshaft and axle shaft need to be replaced. This was one of the first recalls for the Ford Flex.

fuel pump

NHTSA Recall ID: 16V621000

In August 2016, Ford issued a recall for model year 2013 through 2015 Ford Flex vehicles. According to the recall, some engines had a defective component in the pump electrical module. This component can overheat and cause a loss of electrical power flowing to the fuel pump.

Without this power, the vehicle may stall. If this happens on startup, it will not boot correctly. If this happens while driving, the vehicle is at high risk of an accident. Owners of an affected vehicle can install a new electric fuel pump module at the dealer.

rear suspension

NHTSA Recall ID: 20V072000

In February 2020, Ford issued a recall for 2013-2018 Ford Flex vehicles equipped with the Police Interceptor or SHO Performance Pack. On these models, the rear suspension toe links are at high risk of breaking due to stress on the rear suspension. This can cause a sudden change in the vehicle’s handling and drivers can lose control of the vehicle and have an accident. Replacing the rear suspension links was the solution to the problem, as of summer 2020.


NHTSA Recall ID: 14V710000

Another early recall, this one was initiated in November 2014. The recall states that affected vehicles had reduced clearance between the seat frame and seat track assembly. This means that the occupant classification system may not accurately read the weight of the passenger’s front airbag. If the weight is too light, it may disable the airbag when an adult is sitting in the seat and it must activate. Because this means the vehicle does not meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for occupant protection in the event of a collision, the company had to recall it.

The solution to this reminder is simple. By going to the dealer, owners can widen the gap between the frame and the track and recalibrate the OCS to fix the problem.

Next steps to follow

If you have a 2014 Ford Flex that was under one of those reminders, and you have successfully registered the vehicle, you will receive notification of the recall. Follow the instructions in the notification to resolve the issue. If you believe you have a recalled vehicle but are not receiving a notification, take it to your local Ford dealership to have it evaluated. The dealer will tell you if it has been recalled and provide the necessary repair. Remember: a vehicle with an existing recall is a hazard on the road. Act quickly to repair the problem and ensure you can continue to enjoy driving your Ford Flex safely.


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