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2013 Dodge Dart Recalls Worth Knowing About


Red 2013 Dodge Dart Passenger Side

While manufacturers do their part to ensure vehicle designs are reliable and safe, sometimes manufacturing errors or defects remain a cause for concern. Manufacturing issues may not be obvious until the vehicles are on the road, so they may need to issue a recall later.

How many recalls were problems for the 2013 Dodge Dart? A total of six. These included:

  • Handbrake reminders
  • Air bag recalls
  • Service brake reminders
  • Three powertrain recalls

In this article, we will talk about each of these recalls and help you understand the steps to repair the problems professionally.

Powertrain transmission shifts to neutral

NHTSA Callback ID: 15V542000

A transmission should not move on its own. Unfortunately, some 2013 Dodge Darts have transmissions that shift into neutral, which can cause the vehicle to lose engine power. If left unchecked, this could lead to a collision.

The failure occurs in the transmission control module, which could cause an unexpected shift into neutral.

Repairs include the replacement of the TCM and bracket.

The handbrake does not work

NHTSA Callback ID: 13V124000

If the Dodge Dart’s parking brake is not working, the vehicle could roll despite being parked. This increases the chances of an accident occurring.

Chrysler is addressing this problem by replacing the affected brake calipers. Currently, the problem is caused by vehicles manufactured with the wrong rear brake calipers, causing the parking brakes to not work.

Airbags do not deploy

NHTSA Callback ID: 13V555000

The 2013 Dodge Dart sometimes has problems with its airbags, which led to a recall in November 2013. In the event of a collision, the airbags may not deploy, increasing the risk of injury.

2013 Dodge Dart vehicles manufactured between May 2013 and August 2013 are more likely to be affected and should have their front seat-mounted side airbags inspected and reinstalled if necessary. The recall campaign number is N61.

Service brakes, hydraulic system: potential damage to the brake booster and loss of brake assist

NHTSA Callback ID: 15V800000

2013 Dodge Dart vehicles manufactured between February 2012 and January 2014 may have problems with engine oil leaking into the brake booster. This damages a component of the brake booster, which could result in the loss of brake assist.

This problem results in longer braking times and could increase the risk of a collision.

To fix this, inspect the brake booster grommet for oil. If there is no oil, the vacuum tube assembly is replaced.

If there is oil, the vacuum pump, brake booster, master cylinder, and vacuum tube assembly need to be replaced, but the parts are not available. Owners must wait for parts to become available and receive a notification.

Powertrain engine stall

NHTSA Callback ID: 13V238000

The powertrain recall issued in June 2013 describes situations in which an engine may stall while driving. This increases the risk of a serious or fatal collision due to a loss of control.

This malfunction occurs when the temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit or colder in most cases.

To fix this, the powertrain control module must be reprogrammed.

The powertrain shift cable comes loose

NHTSA Callback ID: 19V293000

Certain Dodge Darts created between 2013 and 2016 are recalled for their shift cable bushing and may fail. This results in the poop cable coming loose from the transmission.

If this happens, the vehicle may not shift as directed by the driver. It may also roll despite your park position, increasing the risk of a collision.

Repairing this malfunction consists of replacing the transmission side shifter cable bushing.

How do you handle an open recall for a 2013 Dodge Dart?

If you are unsure if your 2013 Dodge Dart has any ongoing recalls, you should visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website and enter your vehicle’s VIN. You will need to know the year, make, and model of your vehicle if you do not have the VIN on hand.

The system will then review the information and give you a list of possible open recalls on your vehicle model.

If a recall occurs, call Chrysler customer service at 1-800-853-1403. The Customer Service Center will provide you with the following steps to have your vehicle serviced:

Remember that not all problems will be obvious. Be sure to check the vehicle history for more information on any vehicle you wish to purchase.


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