2012 MINI Cooper S: Is it worth your time and money?



If you are looking for a unique car that is fun to drive, consumes less fuel, and looks unique, the 2012 MINI Cooper S could be the ideal solution for you. Here, we’ll explore the upgrades that differentiate the S trim level from the base model and help you decide if this trim level might be the right choice for your needs.

What comes with the 2012 MINI Cooper S trim level?

S trim level upgrades over the base model include black checkered interior trim, rear spoiler, front fog lights, hood air intake, black mesh grille, stainless steel pedals, leatherette front sport bucket seats, including a 6-way manually adjustable seat, seat height adjustment, easy access backrest, and adjustable headrests.

I am not sure that the 2012 MINI Cooper S is the right solution for you. Don’t worry; We are here to help you. We’ll go over a brief history of the MINI Cooper, then look at what exactly you can expect from the S trim level before the purchase of a MINI Cooper.

A brief history: the MINI Cooper

When the MINI First was released in 1959, the public wasn’t quite sure what to make of this new-for-the-time style of vehicle. Young Britons began to fall in love with the sporty and inexpensive vehicles, and they became a symbol of the independence of the 1960s.

Soon, MINIs were sold all over the world. Emissions regulations forced the MINI out of the US market. By the turn of the century, MINIs were back in the United States. Many drivers love these little powerhouses for their excellent handling, styling, and various equipment options.

What differentiates the S trim level from the 2012 MINI Cooper?

The S level is a step above the base model for the MINI Cooper. If you’re looking for style and comfort, the S trim level is likely exactly what you’re looking for.

Changes from the base model include 6-way manual seat adjustment, seat height adjustment, easy-access backrest, adjustable headrests, and leatherette sport front bucket seats, giving your front passenger a comfortable and easy-to-customize trip.

The exterior of your MINI Cooper also has an attractive look, including a black mesh grille, a hood scoop, and a rear spoiler. Many drivers say they like the sporty look of the MINI.

Your next step: a vehicle history report

You’re a smart driver who takes the time to research equipment levels before deciding if the 2012 MINI Cooper S is right for you. Next, you will want to obtain a report of vehicle history to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.


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