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2011 Ford Edge Backup Camera Recalls: A Complete Summary


When creating the 2011 Edge, Ford set out to infuse reliability into every facet of its construction. Although they have largely achieved their goal, problems have arisen over the years. And since most appeared long after the vehicles were sold, recalls and technical service bulletins were your only options.

Does the 2011 Ford Edge have any recalls for its rearview camera system?

No, not in August 2020, but there are complaints about the rearview camera system, such as:

  • The rear view camera turns on while driving
  • Speed ​​control does not work
  • Transmission shifts into 5th gear from a stop

Fortunately, in this article we will go over these complaints, all related to the malfunctioning 2011 Ford Edge rearview camera. With the information we provide, you can find the proper repairs and resume your trip without any further problems.

Blue 2011 Ford Edge Front Passenger Side

The rear view camera can be turned on in the player

NHTSA Complaint ID: 10053274

When equipped with the 6F55 or 6F50 gearboxes, the 2011 Edge can present some pretty strange problems. Intermittently, the transmission may begin to slip, end up in “neutral,” or shift into 5th gear instead of 1st when accelerating from a standstill.

Additionally, the cruise control may stop working as intended. As for the rearview camera, transmission issues can cause this unit to turn on unexpectedly when in “Drive.”

Closeup of car rear view camera

Interestingly, all of these issues point to a faulty digital transmission range sensor. When the sensor’s electrical circuit experiences high resistance, one of these problems can occur. Sometimes more than one occurs at the same time.

Technicians can resolve this issue by checking the sensor resistance using the manufacturer’s diagnostic procedure. Then, if the test reveals high resistance, they can replace the sensor with a new one to fix the problem completely.

What should you do to respond to a 2011 Ford Edge recall notice?

Are you trying to determine if your 2011 Ford Edge has any recall notices? If so, you can simply go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) website. On your home page, enter the year, make, and model or VIN of your vehicle for a complete report.

When you receive a notice that your car needs repairs, call 1-866-436-7332 to speak with the Ford Customer Service Center team. They will direct you to an authorized repair center and inform you of the next steps.


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