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2010 Dodge Charger SXT: A nice step up from the bottom line



If you’re looking for a tough sedan with a stable footprint and plenty of horsepower, you’ll love the Dodge Charger 2010. But what equipment level will you choose? I hope you’re ready to give it some thought because there are plenty to choose from, including the ever-popular SXT.

What does the 2010 Dodge Charger SXT offer?

With this version, you’ll get a more powerful V6 engine, better braking power, and plenty of high-tech features. You can also add all-wheel drive if you want even more stability that the stability and traction control systems can’t provide.

Luckily, in this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about the 2010 Dodge Charger SXT. That way, you can zero in on the right car for you and start your search on the right foot.

The magic of the Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger had been off the market for almost 20 years when it returned in the early 2000s. The all-new design puts a modern spin on the stance and spirit of the first three generations. The result was a beautiful four-door sedan that could take you from place to place in style.

The Charger is available in V6 and V8 configurations in several trim levels. You can even equip it with an all-wheel drive for true confidence in all weather conditions. As this car grew in popularity, the need for speed took over the engineering team. To answer that call, they launched the powerful SRT8 with a 6.1L Hemi engine and numerous appearance and comfort upgrades.

In 2011, the Charger entered its second generation with all-new interior and exterior styling. Although the new version looks much more aggressive, the first generation has an undeniable charm to this day.

SXT finish brings value to the table

The 2010 Dodge Charger comes at the end of the first generation, which had seven different trim levels. The SXT was in the mid-range, offering a real balance between performance and efficiency. is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that has 250 horsepower and 250 pound-feet.

You can get it with rear-wheel drive or the all-wheel drive upgrade. If you opt for all-wheel drive, it’s mated to the five-speed automatic. Otherwise, you get the four-speed automatic transmission. Sorry, no manual here.

Either way, it will easily get you from point A to point B without unnecessary fanfare. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun, though. The stability and traction control systems provide all the balance you need to push through corners without losing your rear end. You can also catch up quickly with a press of the accelerator, simplifying your highway-merging efforts.

When it’s time to slow down, it’s also well-equipped. The SXT comes with anti-lock brakes and brake assistant standard, which helps eliminate speed faster than ever. Although this is a high-performance car, you can be sure that your comfort will never be compromised. This model is equipped with pedals and electrically adjustable seats that will allow you to position yourself perfectly behind the wheel.

Buy a Dodge Charger? Get Vehicle History Help

By now, you’re probably ready to buy a 2010 Dodge Charger SXT. If so, prepare to inspect each vehicle from start to finish and do tons of test drives. Also enter these VIN or license plate numbers, so you can check each car on Vehicle history.

The results of each search may reveal bugs and other problems that you may want to avoid. With this move, you can easily avoid buyer’s remorse and get the most car for your money.


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