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2005 Mini Cooper S Specs: More Than Its Name


Blue 2005 MINI Cooper in motion

Do you want a car that you can easily take around town and even use for long road trips? If so, the 2005 Mini Cooper S is calling you. To see if it’s the perfect car for you, take a look at its specifications to discover what it has to offer.

What are the 2005 Mini Cooper S specs you need to know?

Well, to start:

  • Engine: 1.6L 16 valves supercharged 4 cylinders
  • Power: 168 horsepower and 162 lb.-ft. torque
  • Quarter mile: 15.7 seconds at 91 MPH
  • Braking power: 30 to 0 MPH in 30 feet

Although designed to outperform its competitors, the 2005 Mini Cooper S is more than just its fastest specs. You’ll have to dig into the rest of the specs to really know what you’re dealing with. Luckily, you don’t have to go far as we’ll cover it all here.

The Mini Cooper through the ages

To revive interest in this little car, the iconic mini was redesigned for its big debut in the early 2000s. Since the new Mini is produced by BMW, it is technically not related to the original, but that doesn’t mean they don’t share the same spirit.

In honor of this, the designers reworked its construction from the ground up, retaining its original small footprint and big personality.

The newly designed Mini arrived on the US market in 2000 in a coupe and convertible form, both powered by a naturally aspirated 1.6 L four-cylinder engine. In 2005, when they introduced the Mini Cooper S.

In this trim level, the car received a supercharged 1.6L four-cylinder engine, a bold hood scoop, and dual exhaust outlets.

The Mini S was born thanks to an automotive engineer and racing legend, John Cooper, who expertly tuned the previously anemic powertrain. With the addition of a supercharger, it not only increased its power but also packed tons of personality into a small package.

However, he wasn’t satisfied with the ending there and set out to make it even more daring. With that, he created the Mini Cooper S Works with more power, better brakes, better handling, and more.

Ultra cute with small size and big power

No matter how powerful the 2005 mini Coopers you get, the first thing you’ll notice is how absolutely cute it is. Beyond that, it has a timeless look that feels like a modern build even though it’s getting older and older.

The reason is the genius of its designer, Frank Stephenson, known for bringing supercars to life. The Maserati Quattroporte, the Ferrari F430, and many more are his creations, putting the Cooper S in very good company.

Beyond the cute exterior, the 2005 Mini Cooper S simply means business. With its quaint 1.6L engine adorned with a supercharger up front, it can run down the straights and into the corners with the best of them.

Although it produces around 168 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque, its 2,679-pound curb weight helps a lot. With that, it has an excellent power-to-weight ratio of 147 horsepower per ton.

With its 97-inch wheelbase, its handling is also excellent. Minimal body roll must be taken into account, allowing the steering to remain as responsive as possible at all times.

This way you don’t have to throw as much power around corners and corners except in the tightest corners. And even then, you can get the boogy back on the road, thanks to the immediate power of forced induction doing what it does best.

Ready to dump without burning fuel

Power couldn’t reach the ground without the help of the Mini Cooper S’s high-performance transmissions, of which you have two options. You can simply select the classic five-speed manual to shift up and down to make the most of the power.

Or let the six-speed automatic transmission do all the work or at least most of it. The automatic gearbox not only has the basic PRNDL setting that allows you to switch from park to drive and vice versa, but it also comes with nifty paddle shifters.

With these paddles, you can manually shift gears when the occasion calls for it or just when you’re feeling a little fiery.

Whatever the configuration, you can rely on this little car to smoothly sip fuel even while driving enthusiastically. Both the coupé and the convertible benefit from an EPA-estimated 24 mpg. At this rate, he’ll only use about four gallons for every 100 miles he travels, keeping more money in his pocket than ever before.

Pros and cons of the 2005 Mini Cooper S

Once you know all the specs of the 2005 Mini Cooper S, all you have to do is weigh the pros and cons of owning one. Then you can decide once and for all if you would benefit from purchasing one of these cute little cars.


  • Good weight/power ratio
  • Agile handling
  • Fantastic fuel consumption
  • Reliable through the miles
  • Adorable appearance


  • Only four seats
  • Minimum cargo space
  • Expensive to repair
  • Tight manual shift pattern
  • small gas tank

With a look at all of these pros and cons of owning a 2005 Mini Cooper S, you can finally decide if this car is right for you.


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