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12 Tips for Taking Your Dog in the Car

Did you know that dogs can be great travel companions? Well, it’s true, our pets have the power to turn any outing into a special moment. But be careful, traveling with the dog requires special care. Check out if you want to know How to Take the Dog in the car.

Those of us who love our pets never think of leaving them at home alone. And if they are considered part of the family, they must have a separate space in the car like any other member.

How to Take the Dog in the Car
Taking the dog in the car

How to Take the Dog in the Car

What is it like to travel by car with a dog? Can they get into the car? Well yes, they can accompany you without problems, under certain conditions. And remember, until they have received all their vaccinations, it is highly recommended to avoid a car trip with the dog.

The risk of contracting a disease is real.

1. Choose Your Destination Well

Before giving advice on How to Take the Dog in the Car, it is essential to talk about choosing the right destination. Choose to go somewhere where your dog can participate in activities with you, rather than leaving him locked up.

This way you will not only be less stressed, which is natural in a strange environment, but you will also enjoy the different activities. Of course, you should be aware that dogs are not allowed everywhere, and therefore, you should do your research.

2. Prepare for His Temperament and Reactions

you must know the characteristics of your pet before deciding on a car trip with your dog. For example, if the dog is very restless, or cannot stand confinement for long, we do not recommend long trips, so as not to stress it.

There are dogs that get sad in places other than the house and cannot adapt. They may bark more than usual, cry, and even relieve themselves in inappropriate places.

Therefore, you need to be prepared for all of that. Wherever you take him, you should make him feel like he’s at home.

3. Give Your Dog a Vet Checkup

A highly recommended tip when talking about traveling by car with a dog is consult with the veterinarian before hitting the road. Make sure your dog’s rabies, worming, and flea vaccinations are up to date.

And to answer questions about canine diseases that may be specific to your destiny and that you don’t even know about. Don’t forget to always keep your dog’s vaccinations up to date and carry his vaccination record.

Also take the opportunity to look for veterinarians who work near the place you are going. You may need it in an emergency.

4. Pay Attention to the Weather on the Road

When choosing the destination, another basic tip for knowing how to travel by car with a dog is to check how long the trip will take. Consultation Google Maps to know the estimated duration and, on a first trip, avoid very long trips.

If you must take long trips, schedule the trip with several stops to avoid accumulating stress on the dog.

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5. Do Small Tests

Before a long trip, you can start doing short simulations with the. Observe how he reacts inside the car, if he feels nauseous or agitated in the vehicle, if he socializes well with the people on the trip, if he tends to show unwanted behavior in places he doesn’t know, among others.

A good tip is to make him associate the car with something good. You can get him used to the car by taking him to the playground or to the house of someone he loves.

Think first about taking tours that you like. Show him the transport box. Put him inside with a toy, blanket or clothing with your scent. This will make the dog feel more comfortable and feel like a part of your dog’s routine.

6. If you go to a hotel or inn, you must report that you are going with a dog

When making your reservation, you should tell the inn that you are bringing your dog and ask if there is any extra charge for this. This way you’ll avoid being surprised by additional fees when you arrive.

Not all of them get paid, but some do. Additionally, he also asks what size dogs they accept, especially if yours is large. Many inns only accept the little ones, but they don’t make it very clear.

Another thing you should check with the inn is if your dog can be locked in the room alone, when you go out for a walk or have dinner without him, for example. There are hotels that have restrictions on this.

You should also ask if the dogs can move around the common area without a guide.

7. Make Stops

Stops are essential on a trip with a pet. Choose safe places where you can stop so the whole family can cool off, stretch, and relieve themselves.

It may even take you longer to get to your accommodation, but at least you will be fine to continue your trip. When stopping, don’t forget to always keep your dog on its leash.

Also because, no matter how obedient he is, he can be distracted or startled by some noise in the street and run away, causing accidents.

8. Put a name tag on it

Put an identification tag on the pet with name and contact phone number, in case you miss it and get lost.

9. Find out their medicines and take them for the trip

Many people wonder what to give the dog to sleep during the trip. It is neither necessary nor recommended to use medications to help the dog sleep during the trip.

At the vet, you should ask them to prescribe you medication to prevent nausea with the appropriate dose according to the weight of the dog.

For animals that are extremely stressed during transportation, the use of herbal medications to reduce anxiety is recommended. After visiting a veterinarian, with all the information in hand, prepare a small first aid bag for him.

10. You must transport it correctly

There really are no laws in Spain that formally tell you how to transport a pet in the car. There are certain recommendations that the DGT, appealing mainly to common sense. Let’s go see them.

  • Transport boxes are recommended to transport your animal in the car. If the dog is small, you can place it on the floor in the back of the car. But if it is big, you should carry it in the trunk.
  • If you do not have a transport box, you can place a harness that keeps it safe and within short range, on the floor in the rear of the vehicle.
  • Dogs or any other type of animal should not be carried in the front seats of the car.
  • You should not drive the vehicle with an animal inside and without due attention. A loose animal can distract you and cause an accident. This carries fines.
  • You should not have the windows open, nor should you transport the animal in the back of open trucks. The animals must be well protected, you don’t know how they may react.
  • Of course, you cannot carry any pets on your lap, legs, arms, etc. This will take away the necessary attention on the road. The animal cannot be loose.

Many say that the best place to put the dog in the car is in a transport box in the rear seats , and secured with seat belts. But DGT does not recommend it since the animal can suffer serious injuries depending on its position at the time of the collision.

It is best to use the transport box, and fix it to the floor in the back of the car, if the dog is small and the box fits between the two seats. Therefore, it is important that you get your pet used to the box every time you travel in the car with him.

How to Take the Dog in the Car
How to Take the Dog in the Car

11. Use the chest harness

You may have already realized that the use of chest harness It’s fundamental. It is the collar that can protect your dog well in the event of a collision, as it wraps not only around his neck, but also his chest and back.

The conventional collar, the one used only for the neck, can be counterproductive for your dog. In a collision, that will be the only place that will hold you, and it can cause serious neck injuries.

The risk of using a cervical collar is great. If the animal falls during a sudden stop, it can cause whiplash.

12. Pay Attention to Temperature

Another necessary care is car temperature. Turn on the air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature for your dog and the whole family.

Take breaks so the dog can hydrate, they become dehydrated very quickly. You must have water available for the dog, always.


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In conclusion, the advice on how to take the dog in the car They are not that difficult to fulfill. Plus, if you treat him like part of the family, you’ll find it satisfying to know that your dog is safe inside your car.

Comply with the rules and common sense, and above all, try as much as possible to make your pet feel comfortable during the trip.

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